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Q: Caps or rims
A: caps

by Mitch July 24, 2003
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to run like hell, usually from the gay ass cops
i had to dip nuts from some cops last night
by Mitch May 18, 2005
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a girls face when you are shooting your load on her grill
by Mitch April 5, 2005
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I am not a tax lawyer. Often used in internet postings and in weblogs, also known as blogs.
IANATL, but that seems like money laundering to me. I mean, come on, you can't accept money that's been through the wash.
by Mitch April 13, 2005
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someone from southmead/hartcliffe/bedminster who wears a tracksuit and gold earings
Male - 'Ere I am a fuckin meader
Female - Fuck me so am I
by Mitch May 25, 2003
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An individual in which his/her penis has a curtain of grossly large skin.
"Did you see that chick man?"
"NO, what about her?"
"Look at that bitche's cockflab hangin' out from the bottom of her skirt..."
by Mitch August 12, 2004
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