damian is amazingly smart but will never admit it to himself, shy, funny, generous to a fault, one of the best guys to have on your side. he would take a bullet for you if he considers you family. he is the original 420 dude.
i know this amazing guy named Damian. he's ride or die for life!
by psycho_mommi February 4, 2018
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Damian has plenty of wonderful things about him. He is a great partner n best friend. Sometimes he fails to keep promises, but deep inside he is guilty. Damian is a very intelligent person, but very rarely uses his intelligences . Damian is the life of the party. He is great to have as company. two of his best features is his style and long eyelashes. damian is a strong person, mentally n physically. We all need a damian.
them : look at that boy, he has the longest eyeslashes.

me: it must be a damian
by ur love March 5, 2018
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a crazy ironic person, he likes to make jokes and he chews on his hoodie strings (my personal experience from damon b my friend) we call him chewy.
me: hey chewy
damian: d o n t c a l l m e t h a t .
me: no
by yikes.joanna November 5, 2019
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the cutest most adorable person you will ever meet. he’s a gentleman at heart and is amazing with girls. very sweet charming boy who always smiles :)
by averagebasicteen January 23, 2018
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Basically a male that performs great intercourse on a female. Usually people who have no knowledge whatsoever say this name is related to the devil but its not...he is almost like a God. He is a perfect young man with amazing features and loves the booze and weed and can hold his liquor amazingly well.
"Damian!, dude fuckin 420 dude...why are you so delicious."
by staszu October 22, 2009
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Who ever is called Damian is goodlooking and will easily take your mum away from your dad, also us Damians go out every weekend so lock your mums and daughters away. Thanks
by @Limitient January 30, 2020
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