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Skylar is a beautiful amazing girl. She'll always be there for you no matter what. Shes sarcastic A LOT, She is so gorgeous you will get so jealous. She has boys on her all the time. Shes really shy when you first meet her but when she starts to get to know you she is extremley loud and funny. She thinks shes ugly and cant accept compliments but she is so perfect. But beware she is really bipolar, one minute shes happy, then shes pissed, then shes sad a anything, but honestly when you get to know her you wont mind putting up with it. Skylar will usually have big hazel greenish eyes like a galaxy, brown hair, her body is absolutley perfect, like she kinda has a big butt and you know.. but yeah. Every boy wants her and every girl is jealous. She only has her eye set on one boy though. She would do anything for the people she loves. She is really nice and all but if you piss her off she could destroy your life, not even kidding. shes lazy too, But overall shes perfect.
by disneylover1344 January 17, 2015
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A humorously sarcastic girl that makes most people smile. Although she may not get along with some people, she knows she's better off without them.

She's A free spirt who isn't afraid to make a few mistakes. She's funny, talented, and a tad encouraging. If later in our lives, skylar falls, i'll fall with her....just so i can help her get back up on her feet. No matter where ever our friendship leads, I will stand by her side all the way...and I'll always have the last word ; )
....skylar will be an actor one day <3
i'll be her biggest fan. she's my bff
by Kristina Rose December 03, 2014
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Words can't describe this beauty. Short, stunning eyes, and a smile that just lights up a room. Usually shy but once you get to know them, skylars are pretty amazing and outgoing. They are easily pissed off and know how to hold a grudge. Adorkable in other words can be used to describe them.
Guy 1:See that girl in the corner?

Guy 2: yeah she must be a skylar
by S.Anne.F June 15, 2014
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A very independent, hard-working, loyal girl. A Skylar will never let you down. She will always be there for you no matter what. She is someone who knows what she wants, and will get it. Her charismatic nature is only masked by her intense beauty. You cannot find anyone more beautiful than Skylar.She will usually have bright green eyes. She will be your best friend, but don't mistake, if you get on her bad side, she will be your worst enemy. She is very capable of making your life a living hell, so do not cross her. But if you do manage to get on her good side, she will be the best friend you will ever have.
Skylar is badass to anyone that pisses her off
by Wonderlander262 July 19, 2011
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The most amazing girl in the world. The epitome of perfection. The most beautiful girl in the world. The reason GOD made women. She is the woman all women envy and all men want to be with.You are more than lucky, you are BLESSED to have a Skylar in your life. She will be your best friend. She will be the person you can share anything and everything with. You can always depend on Skylar. She is the only woman you will ever need. She is crazy in all the best ways and will ROX YOUR SOX!!! She is priceless and this definition is not even close to everything Skylar is. She is SKYLAR!!! Most compatible with guys named David.
Ex 1.
Guy 1: Who is that girl?
Guy 2: That's Skylar!
Guy 1: She is BEAUTIFUL I have to have her. Is she taken?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's going to be David's wife soon.

Ex 2.
Girl (to herself:) GOD I wish I were Skylar!!
by Mr. Esoteriq February 18, 2013
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A great person that is beautiful but thinks she is ugly and won't accept a compliment. She will be ur best friend but if u get on her bad side she will make ur life hell. She has here eye on one guy. Can be competitive and mostly play soccer and basketball. Is a great friend. She is not the greatest at sharing feeling with others. She usally keeps to her self but once u get to know her she is very outgoing and daring.
Grant) hey Chase do u think Skylar likes me
Chase) yea probably
by swflashgk1 August 09, 2016
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Skylar is a person who will always be there for you. It can be a guy or a girl. The bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. Makes people smile a lot. Will never forget about you. Gives the best hugs, and has a great smile. Can be really funny too, and is nice, but mean when provoked. Sometimes shy. Has trouble admiting thier feelings for people.
by Chong12345 June 19, 2011
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