58 definitions by MistahTom

Original definition
(1) To be without clothing

Slang definition
(2) When you have all things of value taken from you in a hold up.
(1) I like to see girls naked

(2) Robber - Get naked foo'
Robbee - Ok, ok just don't call me a Racist
by MistahTom November 06, 2005
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When 1 guy fucks a guy in the ass, and then that guy fucks another guy in the ass and on and on until the last guy is back around fucking the 1st guy in the ass until they are all connected like a circle.
Bob, Robert, Bill, William, and Billiam made a merry-go-round.
by MistahTom December 11, 2005
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Short for semester. Like semester but its actually 'mester.
I freakin' failed o. chem last mester
by MistahTom March 03, 2006
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1. A male Fag Hag

2: Lez = gay female
Beau = guy

Fag = gay male
Hag = woman

get it?
Skylar is a lezbeau. He hangs out with alot of lesbians.
by MistahTom January 06, 2006
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An extremely long and skinny french-fry. Like one that is over 7 inches.
Damn that french-fry is HUGE! Its a loomer!
by MistahTom September 27, 2005
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A pc way to call someone mentally challenged.

See: Retard
Person 1: "OMG, Bryan is such a retard"
Person 2: "Retard is such a strong word. Use 'Palin American' instead."
by MistahTom February 10, 2010
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Guy1: You wanna go to S.F. ?
Guy2: Nah too many 'mos
by MistahTom January 06, 2006
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