60 definition by MistahTom

The nick-name of The Daily Show's John Stewart.
Dad: John Daily is funny and smart.

Me: Its John Stewart but nevertheless, he is awesome.
by MistahTom June 14, 2006

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A gay illegal immigrant.
Stephen Colbert called his gay illegal immigrant guest "Border Gay."
by Mistahtom July 15, 2011

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Substitution for the word niggaz. Its ok for White, Mexican, Asian, and every other race of people to say nizzag and not be deemed a racist.
Black guy: Its the 1st of the month!
White guy: Word to my nizzag!
Black guy: When you say that it makes you sound ignorant dawg.
White guy: No it doesn't G.
by Mistahtom March 24, 2006

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The 28th state in the union, that means 666/28=23.7857143, the exact amount of hours in 1 day, (not 24)creepy

Texas is the antithesis to California. Texas is full of hicks who think that being cool is dressing up in cowboy hats and boots just to do non-cowboy activites. See Drugstore cowboy. Its citizens also think it is cool to wear the state colors wherever they go (who really does this). Go there if you only want to time travel, I.E. turn back the clock.

Fuck Texas and everyone who wants to go there/is from there/and anyone who thinks its cool. Deep in the heart of my ass.
by mistahtom May 15, 2006

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