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A rock band-first band to ever write a song about girls with fat asses (fat bottomed girls) and wrote first song over 5 minutes to ever top the charts (bohemian rhapsody)
I like Queen
by Mickey March 01, 2004

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A form of dance that requires thorough use of technique. Ballet dancers must have this technique and a great deal of strength to be able to do the steps, but also must look graceful and expressive at the same time. Ignorant people do not appreciate the strength and beauty of this high art.
ballet teacher "i want to see you be more expressive with your face"
student "okay, yeah, i was just concentrating on everything else"
ballet teacher "when you're more familiar with the steps it will be easier for you"
by Mickey November 19, 2005

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The feeling of embarrassment you have for someone when they can't feel embarrassed themselves.
John was filled with an inescapable sense of fardo at his drunken sister's wedding.
by Mickey December 04, 2003

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What's with this mint chocolate chip nonsense? Ice cream that amplifies the likelihood of fumbling towards a state of complete nirvana and general one-ness with the universe while residing in Minnesota, where the women are strong, the men are also good looking, and all the children are above average.
Other aids: soft drinks referred to as "pop" and rubber bands as "binders", the game "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" (as opposed to "Duck, Duck, Goose").
All these things make Minnesotans supposedly nicer than anyone else in the country.
How 'bout some peppermint bon bon ice cream dontcha know?
by Mickey March 02, 2004

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any anal sex that involves a penis in the ass
He has his cock in her ass
by mickey March 21, 2005

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A creature of plight that dwells near the same location of The Shaw. Like it's neighbor, The Gideon possesses a great odor of the mouth. Most beings that come into contact with The Gideon are forever scarred if not outright terminated. Unlike its distant relative, The Gideon has only one useful appendage. All others are limited to a specific purpose. The most questionable appendage is that of a globe-like entity on what should be a neck. It appears to control all movement although that fact is widely disputed by scientists. Most all researchers do agree that this creature is not at all intelligent and fails in any attempts to disguise the inept abilities it possesses.
"What are you doing? You can't stuff 10 lbs. of shit into a 2 lbs. bag. You fucking Gideon"
by mickey July 23, 2004

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1.(noun) Bad breath of the genitals. 2. (noun) when one's breath smells like genitals.
You have genitosis you foul bastard.
by Mickey May 15, 2006

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