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The name of a kebab shop in Leicester.

Apparently there's a band named after them too, and they're quite good. Who knew ?
Those bastards stole kasabian's name !!
by leicester_kebabs August 22, 2009
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Empire. British band whose own personal brand of fabulous, original indie-electronica is perfectly represented in their debut(Kasabian) and current (Empire) albums. Their writing style ranges from fucking great glam-rock stompers to gentle, melodic and beautiful. Hailing from Leicestershire and modelling for Burberry, this troop of faultless young men have shiteloads of style, flair and personality. Members are as follows:

1. Tom Meighan (Lead vocals) - Gorgeous, foul-mouthed, paisley scarf-wearing bad boy with one hell of a stage presence.
2. Sergio Pizzorno (Guiltar, vocals, writer) - Commonly called Serge, he's tall, dark and beautiful and hardly ever caught without THAT hat. Incredible dress sense.
3. Chris Edwards (Bass) - the 'Quiet' one who can actually sometimes rival Tom in the "Fuckingshittypissywankeringbollocks" stakes.
4. Ian Matthews (Drums) - Sweet and soft-spoken with pretty hair and surprisingly agressive and loud drumming skills.

Fucking love 'em, I do.
Let us sip tea and listen to a little Kasabian.
by Hollenbubble November 16, 2006
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1. Horifically stylish band whose debut album kicks so much bottom it will make you eat your hat and your scarf.
1. "Oi geeza you checked the Kasabian album?, that shit's hectic"
by J November 13, 2004
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A mediocre band from the ass hole of Britain who's main claim to fame is having their songs on quite a few video games namely Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and FIFA 2004. Not content with their own mediocre status they lunge out at bands who have global fan bases like The Strokes or My Chemical Romance, wishing they had as much earning power as the afore mentioned.
Tom Meighan(lead singer of Kasabian): Julien Casablancas is a fucking posh skier, My Chemical Romance are clowns and emo kids who don't have anything positive to say and should get out more and try and have a good time instead.
by Lost in Fall November 01, 2006
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1. An overrated, obnoxious band with a knack for ripping off early 90's techno-rock like The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays. However, their singer Tom Meighan has a ridiculously limited vocal range and their guitarist Sergio Pizzorno writes terrible lyrics. Se "I'm the Queen and She's my Queen.........Bitch!" Loved by the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, Blowhard and Douchebag for kissing their asses and thus are taken seriously by NME. Spend a lot of time trash-talking people who are more talented and smarter than them. All their members are not quite as smart as boxes of hair. If you like them, fine, but listen to the Happy Mondays instead. Even though they had a dancer.

2. A member of the Manson family who drove the getaway car.
1. NME: RIGHT! We love Kasabian! They say stupid shit about bands which gives us stuff to write about!

Sergio Pizzorno: Say the 'Bitch' part!

NME: Oh! Right! They say stupid shit about bands which gives us stuff to write about!........ Bitch!
Oy vey, did Kasabian start talking again? Shit. What did they say this time. Well, we can make fun of that. It's not like it was witty like a fraction of some of the stuff Noel Gallagher says.

2. Tell Linda to start the engine.
by Wendy Weissman April 10, 2007
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1. n. (Kuh-Say-Bee-Uhn) A british indie rock band that is often compared with Pink Floyd or Primal Scream. They use a whole crapload of electronic effects in their music, which is widely regarded to be of the Pot-Head genre. The band is comprised of Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Christopher Edwards, and Chris Karloff. They score abnormally high on the badass scale.
2. A member of the Manson family who acted as the key witness for the prosecution.
1. Holy jesus did you see that trippy Kasabian music video???
2. Kasabian r0xx and a half!
by Cade Howard November 22, 2005
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A meme and Onomatopoeic word for " For Fucks Sake".

Refers to a low quality band and type of music.
Alex: They played Robbie Williams on that telly segment"
Ewan: "Kasabian"
Alex: "I asked them not to put onions on my kebab salad"
Ewan: "Kasabian"
by bobblybob July 14, 2008
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