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The Shaw is an ancient creature with special magical powers. In its native habitat, The Shaw uses low wails and moans to communicate, so it never really adapted to the English language. To understand The Shaw, you must get within 6 inches of it's mouth. This is a double-edged sword though, for The Shaw has breath like Bob Saget's asshole. The Shaw is well known for overusing the phrases "not to be mean, but..." and "but seriously though...". In the magical world where The Shaw prances around, toothbrushes are considered evil and to be avoided at all costs.
"Dude, your grill is like buttery tombstones. You must be friends with The Shaw."

"What the hell is that stench? Oh, The Shaw just yawned."
by Mickey July 23, 2004
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The fourth word in Lesson 1: Words as prepared by Dr Carl Gruver of the Institute of Going a Bit Red in Helsinki, to enable people to overcome being British.

(Monty Python skit)
Lesson 1: Words: which of these words make you embarrased?
And now lets go onto something a bit ruder:
by Mickey January 8, 2005
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w00t. im wewting again.
by Mickey May 23, 2004
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