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Anti-Social usually refers to Social Anxiety. It is a word that got a bad name due to the many psycho's and insane people committing crimes (see Anti-Social Personality Disorder). This is false, though. There are plenty of sane Anti-Social people in the world. Many are just SHY, and have poor social skills. They just do not know how to talk to people and express themselves or any emotions.

Being Anti-Social usually starts in early childhood. It can be the persons own choice, which means they are happy on their own. Or it can happen without it being under their control. Moving from place to place, not holding down any friendships, and of course living in a rural area can make a person unfamiliar around people. Another aspect can be negative incidents from the past that make a person have Social Anxiety.
Being Anti-Social and having Social Anxiety can be treated by Psychologists and many people can live a normal life. I have this disorder, and no I am not a creepy sociopath soley because I don't party everynight with 20 different people. The world thinks we are freaks, but we are NOT.
by Metalhead83 January 09, 2012

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Introduced in 1941, the Ninety-Eight was Oldsmobiles top of the line model and was a very stylish rear wheel drive land yacht up until the early 80's.

The fuel crisis pretty much doomed the Ninety-Eigh, and all large sedanst. Experimenting with Diesel engines proved problematic in the early 80's, so sales suffered. So in 1985 it was downsized to a front wheel drive generic design that looked like every other GM car at that time. 1991's bloated round restyle proved unpopular too and the model was axed in 1996, to be replaced by the Aurora.
You can probably find a 50's/60's/70's era Oldsmobile Ninety Eight on ebay for a good price. Many were driven by senior citizens when new, and were looked after.
by Metalhead83 January 05, 2012

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A big car made by American Motors from 1971-1978. The most famous style being the 2 door fast back coupe introduced in 1974. This car was made popular in the James Bond movie "The Man With The Golden Gun", when it's turned into an airplane by the main antagonist. The Matador was also offered as a Sedan and Wagon, but was not a big seller after the gas crisis. Some Police and Taxi companies used them, but not many. The coupes sales died too, as it's styling was not well received by the public. AMC ditched the Matador in 1978 to focus on smaller cars.
The AMC Matador was unappreciated when new, but it was a very solid reliable car. '74 - '78 Coupe models are very rare today.
by Metalhead83 November 20, 2011

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The rusty old stationwagon you see outside abandoned gas stations in redneckville USA, haha!!

No seriously, it's a unique 4WD car made from 1980-1988. Availabe in coupe, sedan, and wagon which was the most popular. Has the same 70's body style as the AMC Hornet, which is why it was dubbed uncool throughout it's life. Now days you rarely see any in good condition, as rust was a huge problem on these cars.
Everytime I see an AMC Eagle, it's always a rusty beat to hell junker parked outside of an abandoned business. I guess nobody liked these things.
by Metalhead83 November 19, 2011

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A small boring 4 cylinder car made by Chevy from 1976-1987. This was the car for the ultimate cheapskate. It was meant to replace the Vega in the small car line up, but was still just as crappy. Mid 70's models included a "woodie" version with fake wood trim usually seen on stationwagons. And there was also a bare bones "scooter" version which didn't even have a backseat or a glove compartment. In 1979 the Chevette was given a minor face lift with square head lights, and it stayed the same until 1987 when it was replaced by the badge-engineered "Geo" brand of General Motors.
Kid1: I bet my little red wagon could go faster then then that crappy Chevy Chevette!!
Kid2: LMAO, I bet!! Even my Moms Pacer looks better then that crap box!!
by Metalhead83 September 10, 2011

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A terrible TV series that came out in the mid 90's and ended in 2007 (finally). Focusing on the lives of the Camden family in some made up California town. The cast were all physically attractive goody two shoes types, that wore over done make up, and the plots always focused around learning some lesson, and then everything is back to normal. It was basically one of those "we have some minor problem now" but "everything will end well" type shows. Totally unrealistic, aimed to young kids, and if they actually think families act like the Camdens in real life, then they're very dumb.
7th Heaven was just terrible. The blond haired kid Simon was a total twerp who'd get beaten up in real life. Lucy and Mary both dressed like skanks and wore way to much make up, and as for Ruthie she was an annoying brat who went the same way as her sisters as she grew up. I'm convinced the only good character was the family dog, haha.
by Metalhead83 February 24, 2012

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A person who's intolerant towards certain types of people, whether it's race, culture, religion, etc. In the late 20th century it became taboo to be a bigot and it's something alot of people keep to themselves now. But to me it's not such a big deal and I don't see what's so bad about it. Certain types of people make people think of them in a pessimistic way.
I'll admit that I'm a Bigot. I have never gotten along well with Blacks, Hispanics, and especially Wiggers. I just disagree with their entire way of life.
by Metalhead83 January 11, 2012

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