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An awesome L.A. Glam Metal band formed around 1983, and popular up until about 1991. The band was made up of:
Stephen Pearcy - Vocals
Bobby Blotzer - Drums
Warren Demartini and Robbin Crosby - Guitars
Juan Croucier - Bass

Through the 80's and early 90's they made awesome albums such as:
Out of the cellar - '84
Invasion of your privacy - '85
Dancing undercover - '86
Reach for the sky - '88
Detonator - '90
Justin: I was listening to "Slip of the lip" by Ratt on youtube. That's some awesome old school metal! Kicks the crap out of anything today.
Mike: Yeah, I love that band! But grunge and alternative had to ruin everything!
by Metalhead83 September 05, 2011

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Introduced in 1974 as a full sized V8 suv. It shared the same body style with the Wagoneer, but was less expensive and aimed more to young buyers. The most popular were 2 door models that competed with the Ford Bronco and Chevy Blazer, but a 4 door version was produced.

In 1984 the Cherokee was downsized to a boxier design that would become the birth of the small 4 door SUV. 2 Door models were still produced but lost popularity in the 90's. The Cherokee continued on it's 1984 design until 2001, making it one of the longest produced designs in history. It was only given one face lift in 1997, rounding off the front to make it more 90's looking. In 2002 it was replaced by the all new Jeep Liberty.

Throughout the '84-'01 time span, the Cherokee was offered in many different trims, some which are rare to this day. Chief, Laredo, Pioneer, Limited, Country, Sport, Classic, etc are some examples. Engines were all AMC, even after Chryslers take over of the company in '87. The most popular engine offered was the 4.0 I6, one the best engines ever.

Today Jeep Cherokees are still popular with all sorts of people. From soccer-moms to off roaders, it's an SUV that won't die.
Jeep Cherokee Chiefs are very rare today, as is the Cherokee "Briarwood" which was produced only in '91 and '92.
by Metalhead83 September 13, 2011

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One of the dumbest shows on MTV. The women are catty bitchy shrews that aren't even attractive, and the guys are all wannabe macho men who suffer from penis envy. Do yourself a favor and watch something else, 'cause this is crap.
I watched about 10 minutes of Jersey shore last night before changing the channel in disgust. What a bunch of crap.
by Metalhead83 October 30, 2011

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The first state in the union. Right on the border of the northern and southern regions, and it does have it's own accent depending where you live. Has 3 counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.

New Castle County is considered part of the north and is home to the two largest cities in the state. Wilmington, which is a ghetto crime ridden extention of South Philly. And Newark, home of the University of Delaware. Lots of highways, and huge swaths of suburban housing neighborhoods are all over this area, and it can feel like a maze. New Castle County is considered part of the Philadelphia metropolitian area.

Kent and Sussex counties have more in common with the south and are very rural. It's common to see rednecks around there living on Chicken farms and driving beat up trucks. The capital Dover is the only large town, and it's Nascar race track is it's only touristy destination. Further south on the coast you got your stereotypical beach towns like Rehobeth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Lewes which draw alot of tourists in summer.

For a small state it's pretty unique from others.
Danny hated Delaware at first, because he got lost twice driving around the suburbs of New Castle county. It took him an hour to find his way to Rt 1 south, where he headed to Rehobeth beach to party with bar sluts all night.
by Metalhead83 October 19, 2011

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The Ford Crown Victoria was first introduced as a luxury trim package on Ford LTD's in 1981. It became it's own model in 1983 and became very popular with Senior Citizens, Police, Taxi companies, and other fleet use. The boxy body style is probably the best ever, and was made until 1991. In 1992 an all new Crown Victoria was offered, which featured round aero styling. It was rounded out even more in 1998 (it's last restyle), and by the 2000's the full size RWD sedan had completly fallen out of favor. Majority of sales were for fleet and police use, and the Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2011.
Ford's making a huge mistake discontinuing the Ford Crown Victoria. Cabbies and Police need a large car like that.
by Metalhead83 December 04, 2011

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The worst job in the Restaurant business, and the lowest paying. Many people do it to start off and work their way up to a cook job, but quit due to the horrible conditions. Plus the staff don't care about you, or your goal of being a cook. They ignore you, while you spend hours cleaning pots and pans. Your arms and hands get covered in greasy dirty water, bits of cruddy food, and at the end of the day you smell horrible and your fingers are messed up from all the soap and chemicals. It's totally not worth the time or the paycheck. Avoid this job at all costs!!!
It's about time they made a machine that cleaned pots and pans instantly. Nobody wants to do Dish Washer work as a career.
by Metalhead83 December 01, 2011

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An awesome super large SUV made by Ford from 2000-2005. The SUV for the hard-core soccer-mom. Was designed like a Super Duty truck and was intended for rural or commercial use. But it got popular with suzy-homemakers instead. It's cons outweighed it's pros (poor fuel mileage, not being able to fit in suburban garages, etc) so Ford quit making them. Driving this SUV screams a big "fuck you" to all the liberal Prius drivers out there.
Son: Hey Mom, I think you hit that Prius on the way home from Soccer practice!!
Mom: That was just a speed bump, honey...
Son: Then why is there a Door stuck in the grill!!
Mom: Oh crap...not again!! We have to get rid of that Ford Excursion.
by Metalhead83 August 24, 2011

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