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Fords first minivan. First introduced in 1986, it was built on a truck platform shared with the F-150 and had rear wheel drive and a 6 cyl engine. In 1989 a longer wheel based model was offered, as was 4WD in 1990, and in 1992 the front end was restyled with composite headlights, a new grill, and a drivers side airbag.

The bodystyle remained the same from the day it was introduced until it was axed in '97. Though popular at first with soccer moms in the 80's, it's chunky ugly body style got out-dated in the 90's. Alot of Aerostars built after '94 went to fleet companies.
My Mother had a '92 Ford Aerostar in the 90's, and as crappy as it was, it was roomy, comfortable, and could smoke a 4 banger Dodge Caravan anyday with it's 6 cyl.
by Metalhead83 November 09, 2011

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A large RWD car made by Lincoln. Shares the same platform with the Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis.

It was an upscale trim package on Continentals in the 70's. Then it became it's own model in 1981 on a downsized bodystyle known as the "panther" platform. It lost it's boxy design in 1990, and again in 1998, making the body more aero looking each time. Towncars went on to be a stereotypical senior citizen mobile, gangster mobile, and also an extremely popular livery car for the rest of it's life. By the 2000's, it was the biggest car in production and large luxury cars had completly lost popularity. The majority went to Livery companies, and the Town Car and panther platform in general were phased out in 2011.
Dan: Your grandfathers 80's Towncar sure is cool looking.
Mike: That things an old school beast, but he doesn't drive much. He's 85 years old.
by Metalhead83 August 31, 2011

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The last real Cadillac based on the 1980 body style.

Made from 1987-1992. V8 engine, rear wheel drive, vinyl roof, bigggg boxy 4 door sedan. Many are still on the roads today, as they are indestructable and were well taken care of by their senior citizen owners when they were new.
Cadillac Broughams were popular limos, fleet cars, and senior citizen mobiles when new, and now you can get them cheap due to everybodies obsession with small cars.
by Metalhead83 November 22, 2011

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A compact car made by AMC from 1975-1980. Known for being the first small WIDE car, and it's bizarre styling. A wagon version was offered in 1977, but didn't do much to spur sales. The Pacer is probably AMC's last attempt at creating a whole new car, before they gave up to concentrate on Jeeps and the AMC Eagles.
The AMC Pacer was considered some what of a geek mobile during the 70's and 80's, but it was a tough reliable little car with unique styling.
by Metalhead83 November 22, 2011

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The Menthol cigarette all the wiggers and black gangstas smoke, refered to in slang as "Newps". They are high in Nicotine and Tar, and have had rumors of having fiberglass in them.
Jamal: Yo Wayne, be a brotha an' lemme get a Newp!
Lamar: I switched from Newport to Kools, mah nigga! Dem Newps wus givin' me a sore throat!!
by Metalhead83 November 16, 2011

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A cheap 4 banger introduced in 1995, meant to compete with the asian imports. It replaced the 80's designed Plymouth Sundance/Dodge Shadow models. Many early Neons were painted in weird colors, such as "Nitro yellow-green", "Aqua", or "Magenta" and had serious paint pealing problems. Paint would often peal off in strips leaving the grey primer exposed. The Neon suffered alot of problems with safety too, and ranked poor in crash test ratings. It's a car to be avoided, but alot are still used today as beaters by teenagers and wannabe gangstas.
The Plymouth Neon is considered the American rice burner. Wannabe gang-banger 17 year olds, who can't afford a Celica, soup them up and make them look even uglier.
by Metalhead83 November 08, 2011

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The 2nd generation of the Mustang, built between 1974-1978. Designed by Lee Iacocca and based on the the subcompact Ford Pinto platform. It came in basic coupe form, hatchback, or the up scale "Ghia" which had a landau vinyl roof treatment. Engines offered were either a I4 or V6 engine, but a small-block V8 became an option in '75.

During the gas crisis, it sold well, mainly due to the demand of small cars. But this generation is known to Mustang fans as one of the least popular. Mainly due to cheap wimpy Pinto type styling and the lack of a good performace engine. The base coupe and Ghia models were boring looking. And Hatchback models tried to hard to look sporty, what with the "Stallion" or "Cobra" trim. They offered paint jobs with strips going down the hood, a blacked out grill, and lots of plastic body moldings. But in the end the car just looked tacky and overdone, and was all show and no go. Sales declined after '75 and a newer more popular Mustang design would appear in 1979.
One of the worst cars I've ever seen was a rusty 1976 Ford Mustang II "Ghia", painted in white but sporting a ghastly bright red landau vinyl roof, with a red interior.
by Metalhead83 September 21, 2011

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