A small form of car that is a sedan or coupe with the trunk removed and the entire back of the car opens. Became synonymous with fuel economy and because of that, became very unpopular in the United States, despite being very popular everywhere else. Also known as "Liftback," "Hot Hatch," or "Fastback."
The Geo Metro came in two-door or four-door hatchback styles. It gets 40 miles per gallon.
by JNNC July 2, 2006
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those cars that look like mini vans, dinosaur eggs, and a pussycar. and the ppl who wanna jump in the jdm scene (usually fobby asians who think they know a lot about cars) would get hatchbacks because they think its the shit, sporty, and fast, when really? it's just a piece of cheap shit.

but the smart ppl who own a hatchback have one because they wanna save gas, and they don't buy it just to doll it up with extra gay front/back lips, sideskirts, spoilers that make em look like a ricer, etc...
person 1: why'd you get a hatchback? you don't even race for shit
person 2: because the guy in initial-d has one and he's cool
person 3: yeah, too bad you're not.

person 1: nice mini van :) ! but why does it have a spoiler?
person 2: it's a hatchback, douchebag...
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The way your ass looks after you sit in a wicker/textured chair in the summer if you are wearing shorts.
Dude, did you see that girls legs! She totally has hatchback.
by unanymus. March 24, 2009
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The re-working or edit of a original Song that sounds too close to the original to be a remix, rework, or bootleg all changes to production are minimal.
rework Original song with slower tempo. I swear that DJ just threw a Hatchback of Ellie Goulding online.
by sorgni osela March 9, 2015
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They all drive the same kind of car and like their own kind, they're hatchbacks. Lesbians. Ladies who like ladies. Foresters, Volvo Station Wagons, Ford Fiestas. Not really sure why they flock to such vehicles or how they're aren't attracted to men but that's just how things are.
"She's a total hatchback" or simply "hatchback" when a young/old gal does some act that makes you question her team. It has a nice ring.
by K.Lowe January 31, 2011
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What you do when it's too damn cold for the outdoors. Any hatchback provides plenty of space for you and you're friend(s). Great for transporting illegals over the border too.
Ford Foci work best.
Its too cold to eat outside. Let's all go hatchbacking in Sergio's Focus.
by DrAnalrapist May 21, 2011
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A term applied to small station wagons to help make them more appealing to the masses, 5-door is a popular alternative. First arriving in America in the 1970's this style car became popular with motorists looking for inexpensive fuel efficient cars during the 70's gas shortages. This lead to a perception of hatchbacks as cheap and the drivers of hatchbacks as being to poor to afford a real car.
"Son I thought you just got a great new job, why did you buy a Yaris?"

"Because I like the hatchback look Dad."
by Boss79 November 28, 2007
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