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A FWD midsize car made by Oldsmobile from 1982 to 1996.

Offered with a I4 or V6 engine. After it was introduced it quickly became Oldsmobiles sole focus and best selling model, and by the time they stopped making them the body style looked quite outdated. Throughout it's life the Ciera was a popular Granny mobile and Rental car. As boring as they looked, they have proven to be reliable. Many are still being driven today and make good beaters for teenagers.
Anthony: Hey I heard your Grandmother gave you her crappy Cutlass Ciera. What year is that thing, like an '84?

Mark: It's a '95 actually. I couldn't believe it. I don't care though, all I care about is that I got a set of wheels.
by Metalhead83 September 09, 2011

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An attractive girl in her teens or 20's, that dresses in slutty sexy clothes showing off her figure and boobs, and has her hair and make up done perfect. But she is a virgin, hasn't done anything sexual and is too shy to bother talking about the subject. They are worse than women who are prick teasers, as these girls don't even talk with guys. Many can be found in High Schools. AVOID!!
Mike: Victoria is such a wannabe slut, she's sooo smoking hot but she's just to shy. She could be such a sex kitten if she wanted to be, but she won't even talk about it.
Frank: Yeah, if a chick can't talk the talk, why even bother to walk the walk, lol.
by Metalhead83 February 10, 2012

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CHiPs was a cop show that aired from 1977-1983, about the lives of two CHP Motor Cycle officers. It staring Erik Estrada as the cool but accident prone Frank "Ponch" Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his calm level headed partner Jon Baker. Robert Pine also starred as the no nonsense but kind hearted Sergeant Joseph Getraer. Plots usually revolved around chasing out of control drivers, saving peoples lives in car crashes, and going after burglars. But there was also sub plots involving the Officers social lives and SoCal lifestyle.

Opening scenes featured the actual California Highway Patrol building, located under the Santa Monica Freeway in down town L.A. The theme song and Crash scenes were filmed around the valley on unopened streches of Freeways.

A made for TV movie came out in '98 called CHiPs '99, starring many of the original cast members.
CHiPs is probably one of the best shows ever. Motor cycles, car crashes, hot chicks, cool scenary, what more could ya ask for. Can't wait for season 3 to be released on DVD.
by Metalhead83 February 24, 2012

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The most BORING car ever. Built since the 70's, and got popular in the USA during the 70's gas crisis. A cheap car that was designed soley to get good gas mileage, but looks like a cartoon car that took 2 minutes to design. Today they are popular with ignorant people who don't care what they drive as long as it gets them to point A, B, or C. And of course wiggers and gang bangers who put stupid mufflers on them that make them sound like weed wackers. They also put tail spoilers on them that don't even match the car, or give them ugly paint jobs.
Ok, I understand people care about getting good gas mileage but seriously...kill off the Honda Civic. It is a bland dull car with a horrible image these days.
by Metalhead83 December 30, 2011

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An image that started getting popular around the late 90's, becoming a social norm in 1999 after white rapper "Eminem" released his first CD. It's a slang term for a white youth who copies black ghetto culture.

The wigger copies the "ghetto" lifestyle, by being lazy, irresponsible, not getting properly educated, and not finding employment. Drug dealing or picking up a welfare check is their only means of income.

The wigger sports the stereotypical ghetto look such as sagging baggy pants and boxers hanging out, wearing hoodies or a sleeveless shirt. They either have a shaved head or a fade, and a thin shadow beard.

Many wiggers have had their fair share of "bitches" with whom they have had sexual relations with, so seeing them walking around with a 2 year old illegitimate kid is not uncommon.

The wigger usually lives with his parents in the suburbs, but it's not uncommon for one to move to the "hood" to be around people he idolizes. (If the wigger can afford to move out, that is.)
If the wigger is not in prison, he spends his free time "chillin' with his peeps", doing and selling drugs, listening to Rap, and juggling different women.
The Wigger lifestyle, has got to the worst on the planet. Nothing "Cool" can come from the ghetto, and why any suburban white boy would stoop to such a low level is beyond me.
by Metalhead83 October 24, 2011

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A vehicle driven by rednecks. For example: old Jeeps, or large dirty beat up trucks or SUVs such as a Chevy, Dodge Ram or Ford F-series, thats atleast 20 years old. Sometimes has a lifted suspension with off-road tires, and a confederate flag license plate on the front bumper.
BillieBob bought a '86 Chevy Suburban redneck mobile off his Papa for 200 bucks. Now he's jacked up the suspension and drives it 80 miles an hour around the town.
by Metalhead83 September 02, 2011

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Introduced in 1980, the Citation was a compact car that replaced the Nova. It was also Chevy's first Front Wheel Drive car. Engines offered were 6 or 4 cyls. The car proved to be problematic and was recalled numerous times, leading to it's demise in 1985. I'm sure no one misses them, as the styling was boring.
The Chevy Citation was a step up from a Chevette, but still being a cheap car with horrible steering and cheap interiors. A total embarrssment for GM.
by Metalhead83 January 10, 2012

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