A vehicle for hire similar to a Taxi. Livery is a type of ground transportation often found at airports. Livery cars must be dispatched to pick up riders a given location, whereas taxi cabs can pick up street hails.
When the livery driver opened the door for me, I thought it might be a trap.
by Jeborah Do December 14, 2010
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A bar full of obese women, derived from the word for horse stables for hire.
Wanna go to Northwoods Livestock and Livery?
by redheadbass January 11, 2011
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A tabard or thin jacket, designed to show a medieval unit's colours in battle. Used to recognise enemy/friendly troops. Would often show the unit Lord/noble's colours.
Liveries would be worn commonly by foot soldiers or Billmen, as they wore padded jacks. Men at arms and knights have been known to wear them, although the armour was often too bulky and would shred the material.

Also the act of hiring out stables to general public.
see above
by Taz June 2, 2004
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"Hey lad, where'd you get these scones?"
"I got them down by the livery."
"They're bloody good!"
"Cheers, mate!"
by britishgalxoxo February 18, 2017
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A follower that follows you/your group. Looks like a fish. Is annoying.
Yo dude did you invite him? No he's being such a Marco Liveri . Yeah dude and he looks like a fish.
by Joepeeps17 November 5, 2017
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A word used to describe the act of calling for a male sexual companion.
It is imperative that the D be capitalized, lest the significance that it stands for "dick" be lost.
The male equivalent to a booty call.
Jack called Jill for a sexual encounter. She was his booty call.
Jill called Jack for a sexual encounter. He was her D-livery.
by HFitz February 10, 2015
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What you call the boy (or dick-owner) that you just want to fuck and leave. In other words, a playful term for a one night stand.
That guy last night was just a dic livery.

Ugh, my dic livery wanted to hang out today, I had to unadd him.
by cavebat June 2, 2021
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