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Culinary Arts is the Chef profession. Learning how to cook, and basiclly how a restaurant works. While being a Chef may seem like a "cool" career, it's not. You will learn to hate it very quickly. It's stressful, tiring, you have to handle pressure and be able to work in a past paced enviornment. This can cause serious psychological issues for some. For all the work people put into this career path, very few become anything special. Many people quit, simply due to stress and the lack of advancement. You won't make alot of money working as a cook at diners or all the popular chain restaurants. In order to make a decent salary, you'd need to do even more training for a Masters Degree. And you'd have to be working as the Head Chef at a fancy hotel somewhere. Or be one of them Celebrity Chefs you see on TV. Culinary Arts is just not worth the money and work people put into it.
Learning Culinary Arts is like being in the Military. People yelling at you, judging you on everything you do. And you have to know EVERYTHING about food, in order to make more then $15 an hour.
by Metalhead83 December 01, 2011

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A luxury car made by Chrysler, from 1983-1989. Had a V8 engine and a comfy interior. While not technically a full-sized car, it was the biggest car Chrysler made in the 80's. The boxy styling dated back to the 1977 LeBaron and was just given minor styling updates with a Fifth Avenue badge.
The Chrysler Fifth Avenue was probably the best thing Chrysler offered in their 4 banger "K car" obsession during the 80's. You can get them cheap now, and theres alot still driving around.
by Metalhead83 November 25, 2011

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The "in" thing as of 2011, and shoved down societies throat. He's a pop singer from Canada who's drooled over by 11 year old girls. Pretty much all guys hate him, unless they are homosexual. Stores are FULL of crap with his face plastered over it. From magazines, to large cardboard cutouts, and even pillows. You name the product, and it'll have this dorks face on it.
It's not bad enough that Justin Biebers in every magazine, but his ugly mug is on bed sheets, pillows, table cloths, towels, etc. I know, how about putting his face on some toilet roll, that way I could wipe my ass with that little pissant.
by Metalhead83 September 01, 2011

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A really cool fullsize 2 door SUV made by Dodge from 1974-1993. Popular with off roaders and rednecks. Designed to compete with the Ford Bronco and the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy. However, big 2 Door SUVs were going out of style in the 90's and it's 70's body style was quite old fashioned by 1993. So Chrysler Co decided to quit making this model and focus on more modern soccer-mom mobiles.
Tyrone: I wish I still had my awesome '77 Dodge Ramcharger. That thing was great. Now I look like a pussy driving around in a '99 Dodge Durango.
Bill: Haha, thats a soccer-mom mobile. Go on to ebay and find another Ramcharger for sale.
by Metalhead83 August 26, 2011

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Probably one of the worst jobs ever, and one of the lowest paid. If you don't know the Delivery area by heart, or have a GPS in your car, you'll constantly get lost. Especially at night. Customers get pissed if you're late, sometimes people don't answer the door, and you'll never get good tips. It's a job you won't make any profit from. Most Pizza Delivery drivers have to use their own cars, and pay for their own gas. So whatever tips you do get, you'll end up spending them on gas. Washing dishes is another responsibility for drivers too, while they are waiting for their next delivery. Avoid this type of work for the sake of your own sanity.
Mark the Pizza Delivery driver makes 6 bucks an hour, and got lost on his way to some house in the middle of nowhere. But when he found it an hour later the people didn't even answer the door.
by Metalhead83 December 01, 2011

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The first American compact car, and the most popular one available in the 70's. It was built from 1970-1978, and was offered with a 6 cyl engine instead of a 4 banger. People often mocked it's wedge shape styling, but it was more stylish then any Pinto, Vega, or Chevette and lasted ALOT longer.
Unlike the Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega, the AMC Gremlin didn't blow up, or rust on dealership lots. Nope, they were reliable, and I used to see them still still cruising the streets back in the 90's.
by Metalhead83 November 20, 2011

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Winger were a very talented late 80's and early 90's Glam Metal band from New York, named after lead singer Kip Winger. They made it big with their 1988 self-titled album, and "In the Heart of the Young" in 1990.

However 3 negative things happened that made them lose popularity in the 90's.
1. Grunge taking over the music industry.
2. Conflicts with the band Metallica and their immature attitudes towards Winger.

3. Criticism on the show "Beavis and Butthead". The geeky kid Stewart can be seen wearing Winger shirts, and thus the band was dubbed as uncool.
Rob: I used to like Metallica, but then I discoved Winger and they have some really unique stuff.

Dan: Yeah I have a couple of that bands albums. Screw Metallica. Winger is 100 times better.
by Metalhead83 September 09, 2011

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