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Christiana is the type of girl you would want to be around all day she has a wonderful singing voice and knows how to treat her man she's jaw dropping gorgeous and a sexy chocolate skin tone she has lots of ass and boobs she is smart but very shy don't let her niceness fool you she can be nice but very mean at her own times and she's not scared of any soul she will fight who ever what to fight her , Christiana's are very helpful and lazy at the same time , they can't stand the feeling of being dirty and they never give up and if they have bfs consider your self lucky because Christiana's are the best too have don't let her go you will regret it
Christiana is the best girl in the whole wide world.
by Malcum44 August 08, 2017
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christiana often referred to as christmas is a modest, vERy talented girl. she can play like five instruments and constantly corrects u that it's four. thats how modest she is. she also always stresses about tests even tho she's asian and like rlly smart. she always ends up getting an A. she will always call with you on instagram and create urban dictionary definitions with you when you're bored. she is an amazing friend to have and will always defend you and have your back against others. also everyone calls her christina and so it's kinda funny being in a class with her when there's a sub.
a: i was getting bullied on call of duty yesterday
b: omg. i bet if christiana was there she would've gotten mvp by killing them over and over again.
by sP0oDer November 03, 2019
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Christiana is the most beautiful red head with the cutest freckles and majestic blue/green eyes. She never fails to make you laugh your heart out and bring genuine happiness to the room. She is not afraid to be herself and is always there for her friends. Christiana is very intelligent, especially in math! She is so strong and won´t let anyone bring her down. She stays positive in all situations and never lets the world get in her way. She definitely likes to spill the tea, but loves hearing the tea even more. She´ll tell you all about her day, just because. Even though Christiana is a little burst of joy, she does enjoy long naps and taco bell. Anytime you meet a Christiana don´t let her go because she is a rare breed. She loves so hard and will always make you happy. There is never a dull moment with Christiana!
Christiana is hilarious! I love her!
by heygirlhey96 November 01, 2019
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She is a beautiful girl but she doubts herself she is. She has a friend named Leila they do get in fights over the stupidest things. But there BEST friends. christiana is a great artist but her friend is jelose of her talent. She tries as hard a as she can to do what right but dose not think she is. Eny guy will be lucky to date her just a warning she has a dad who loves her with all of his heart.
Christiana is a great artist.
I love your outfit Christiana!
by cutekittygamer May 30, 2018
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A beautiful girl that is very cheery and always lightens up the room. She is very pretty. She is known to be hyper and never shuts up. It can also be an adjective of being very obnoxious and loud or someone who is always putting a smile on someone's face with her dumb but hilarious statements.
noun- Christiana always turns a dull moment into a party.

-Dude Christiana is so hot!

-I love hanging out with Christiana, we always have such a good time!

adjective- The christiana girl doesn't know how to turn down her volume.

- That girl was so funny and loud we called her Christiana.
by pinkposy123 May 14, 2009
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