A great show because it deals with the situations a teenager could easily find themselves in. But the characters make it funny.
Kitty: The brady bunch variety hour is on!
Red: Who the hell gave those people an entire hour?
-That 70's Show
by ankur patel August 10, 2006
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a frickin awesome show based on the lives of teenagers in the 70's. Actors include topher grace, and wilmer valderrama.
That 70's Show is awesome!
by ANONYMOUS184372 May 7, 2006
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An awesome show about a group of teens living in the 70's that do drugs and are HILARIOUS!!!!!! There are six people in the group, one's a spoiled brat, one's smart, one's a wimp, one's really stupid, one's a pervert, and the last one thinks the government's out to get him. It's one of the best shows ever!!!!!!!
Hyde-Kelso, man! You really screwed up!!!!!!!!! Now the government's going to get us!!!!!!!!!
Kelso- At last you'll be able to run away, i can't even open Eric's freaking door!!!!!!!
Eric- That's true, man.

That 70's show
by i<3pandas June 17, 2010
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The greatest TV Show that was ever made. It was a cult sitcom that ran from 1998 to 2006. It is about several teenagers, etc. on the verge of adulthood living in the fictional East coast of state city of Point's Place, Wisconsin. Provided a start to many people, especially Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Wilmer Valderrama. Usually included Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong. Added to the career of Kurtwood SmithIt was hilarious and does not disappoint. It was known for pushing the boundaries, as it involved teens and adults doing drugs, having sex, breaking laws, etc. Also known for its theme song.
My favorite show is That 70's Show.
by Lancington June 29, 2009
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"That 70's Show" is a very funny sitcom that lets the world laugh at the loser, stoner, idiot morons that reside in Wisconsin.
Tonight on That 70's Show, the cast smokes reefer in Eric's basement.
by Overdrive October 19, 2006
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Best sitcom of the early 21st Century, bar none. It beats Friends only because its funnier (most of the time)and because some of the people in it are not douchbags and blaze up once in a while .
That 70's Show:

Steven Hyde: I read somewhere that people in India fast, man. And, that it makes them think better. And, sometimes they can actually think themselves to death, man.
Michael Kelso: I wonder if that's what I'm doing right now? Sometimes my brain is doing things that I don't even know about.
Eric: Man, we think of some great stuff down here. But, later on I can never remember it.
by -where we came in? June 30, 2006
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Pretty much one of the best live action sitcoms of the late 90s/early 00’s. It focuses on the group of teens Eric the wimpy and kinda geeky main character, Donna the intelligent feminist tomboy stereotypical next door neighbor girl who’s eric’s Love interest and gf, Hyde the most levelheaded and laidback person of the group, Jackie the spoiled and naive rich girl, Kelso aka kettlehead,and Fez the foreign kid. The main adult characters include Eric’s parents Red the ill tempered dad who’s “dumbass” saying has been popularized by the media and Kitty Eric’s good hearted but neurotic mother, Donna’s hippie parents bob and midge,and Leo the stereotypical stoner hippie played by the legendary tommy chong. It’s probably the best show to bring out you’re biggest laughs while you’re stoned.
From That 70’s Show Season One: Eric Forman: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Red Forman: Son, you don’t have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you’re a dumbass.
by fuckyoudude January 24, 2018
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