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A most wonderful substance found in Juul and Phix pods used by high schoolers to escape the undying pain of senior year
Student A: “Aye bro you got any nicotine?”
Student B: “Yeah bro I got you
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by SpicyHotBoi May 23, 2018
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Nicotine is the natural ingredient found in tobacco that gives its users a buzz. In recent times companies have found a way to extract the nicotine and put it in a liquid used for vaping. It is highly addictive.
When people smoke or chew tobacco, nicotine is being absorbed into their blood stream through their lungs or cheek to give them a buzz.
by Anus Destroyer 69 October 24, 2018
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a very poisinous substance that goes well with marijuana, alcohal, and many other intoxicating substances, and also has a very low lethal dose of 40-60 mg
hey im so high right now pass me a nicotine stick
(one cigarette contains aproximitly 5-15 mg of nicotene, however when smoked only about .3 -3 mg are ingested, but this still proves that one cigarete will not kill you as previously mentioned, however if a pack of cigarettes is eaten it will lilley be lethal
by Volslang May 24, 2005
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The best fucking chemical this world has to offer. And to all you anti-smoking CUNTS out there, what with your "worship derrick beckles" fuck face faggot bullshit, FUCK YOU! I hope you all rot in HELL!!
Man, I'm jonesing for a nice hot dose of nicotine.
by Bob Arctor October 26, 2007
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A lethal toxin found in all tobacco products, and several other plant and plant products.
With a lethal dose in the range of 45mg to 60mg, which is more toxic than Arsenic with a lethal dose of about 100-200 mg.
One cigarette contains more than the lethal dose of nicotine, if injested whole.
See for more information.
by dork February 17, 2005
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