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A most wonderful substance found in Juul and Phix pods used by high schoolers to escape the undying pain of senior year
Student A: β€œAye bro you got any nicotine?”
Student B: β€œYeah bro I got you”
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by SpicyHotBoi April 08, 2018
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Nicotine is the natural ingredient found in tobacco that gives its users a buzz. In recent times companies have found a way to extract the nicotine and put it in a liquid used for vaping. It is highly addictive.
When people smoke or chew tobacco, nicotine is being absorbed into their blood stream through their lungs or cheek to give them a buzz.
by Anus Destroyer 69 October 24, 2018
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Nicotine will fuck up your life. It is the addictive chemical in cigarettes and, more recently, vape pens like the Juul. It makes you feel dizzy and a little bit happy for about a minute, but frequent users don’t even feel this effect anymore and just need it to feel normal. It is not worth it at all to get addicted. It’s bad for your lungs, especially if smoked in a cigarette.
I’ve been smoking for 5 years now and I get out of breath really easily. I also cough up a shitload of phlegm whenever I clear my throat. I really need to quit using nicotine.
by mayanaze July 19, 2018
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-dude, i love nicotine
-dude, I hate nicotine. It makes you die
by ZnappHansken June 06, 2009
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a very poisinous substance that goes well with marijuana, alcohal, and many other intoxicating substances, and also has a very low lethal dose of 40-60 mg
hey im so high right now pass me a nicotine stick
(one cigarette contains aproximitly 5-15 mg of nicotene, however when smoked only about .3 -3 mg are ingested, but this still proves that one cigarete will not kill you as previously mentioned, however if a pack of cigarettes is eaten it will lilley be lethal
by Volslang May 24, 2005
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