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When something is in near perfect condition mint
Dave's 66 corvette is cherry
by Merkin March 21, 2005

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The roll of fat some chicks have just below the navel.
Whoa. Check out that hideous CG.
by merkin July 13, 2003

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See Felatio. Abbreviation for "Cock in the Mouth."
What happened with you and Katie last night? Well, there was no citv, but there was a little citm.
by Merkin March 24, 2005

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When you have such a large dry shit that it literally tears your ass so that there is blood on the TP when you wipe
I ate the whole bucket of popcorn at the movie theater - if I don't have a an ass fissure it will be a miracle.
by Merkin March 05, 2007

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To have oral intercourse with someone (see citm)
Since you are on the rag, how about a little cock in the mouth?
by Merkin March 24, 2005

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The nemesis of shotgun where once "shotgun" is called, the first friend to shout "challenge" gets to vie for the coveted front passenger seat via a game of rock scissors paper. Can be nullified by shouting "Shotgun, no challenge"
Friend 1: Come on, we gotta go
Friend 2: I call Shot gun
Friend 3: Challenge!
by merkin January 03, 2006

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Expression of extreme exasperation.
Fuck Jesus in the face! If Bruce cock blocks me one more time, I'm going to punch him out
by Merkin March 24, 2005

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