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to relieve yourself of all sexual desire. i.e masterbation or a cold shower
"Mmmm, John your body looks so fine," said Bob
"Dude, thinking about men? Go take a cold shower already."
by Meltdownx July 28, 2003

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To spread information on a large scale, such as a news broadcast.
Used in the new MLB disclaimer to more specifically define the extent of the copyright on the game.
You may not disseminate any account of this game without the MLB's consent.

Do not disseminate my credit card number fool!
by MeltdownX October 08, 2003

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a. any type of verbal abuse
b. a creative insult
c. a way of words to make your point
d. mini crack pipe
I was ready to bitch that slut out with my fair share of pistolas

The Founding Fathers were masters of the art of the pistola

Damn nigga' that new pistola is the shiiit
by MeltdownX February 12, 2004

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A shortened version of "that is life", commonly used by people who don't care about other's problems
Jane: "dude, my mom found my stash and they're sending me to boarding school"
Bob: "slife dude"
by meltdownX March 02, 2004

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version of limp bizkit played with a cookie where several people sit in a circle and beat it onto the cookie, last person to spooge eats the cookie, also known as ookie cookie.
The ten kids from mendham borough brought cookies to johns house and played circle jirkle all night
by MeltdownX September 28, 2003

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1. A hellish demon that resembles Satan but is in its earthly form. Its name can only be uttered in a satanic tone, if it hears it said any other way SATON will slaughter the speaker on site.

1. A form of curse used when an individual is vexed. SATON much resembles shit or dammit.
1. ROOOOAAARRR! SATON! I love your noodles!

2. AHHHH SATON! I stubbed my toe!
SATON! I forgot my report at home!
by MeltdownX July 13, 2003

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