To spread information on a large scale, such as a news broadcast.
Used in the new MLB disclaimer to more specifically define the extent of the copyright on the game.
You may not disseminate any account of this game without the MLB's consent.

Do not disseminate my credit card number fool!
by MeltdownX October 9, 2003
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squirting semen everywhere; often used to refer to distributing information
Man, he disseminated that shit everywhere!

He disseminated that info like a manwhore at a clusterfuck.
by the Disseminators August 23, 2008
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V. When a male blows his load all over the place.
John paid a hooker so he could disseminate on her. When he did, his semen was everywhere.
by Craig Winkels September 1, 2009
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To cleanse of semen.
At work Carol divided most of her time between bukakke shoots and the time it took her to disseminate after sessions.
by Dr Harry Johnson October 3, 2015
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1.Spread or disperse (something, esp. information) widely.
2.Spread throughout an organ or the body.
No one thought of making a fortune by disseminating his work in print.
It all went in giving employment or disseminating kindness.
by ScouserNeil September 15, 2013
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