A band, whether they are bad or not is up to the listener.
Guy 1: I sure love Limp Bizkit
Guy 2: I respect your opinion regardless of whether I personally agree with it or not
Guy 1: thats cool I'm glad you're not an asshole
Guy 2: me too
by #gweef October 19, 2015
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A rap metal band which is either extremely loved by its fans, or is extremely hated by metal fans who don't believe rap and metal should blend. The only rule about Limp Bizkit is you either love them oir hate them.
Metal Fan: GODDAMN Faggoty-Fagggot Ass Limp Bizkit!!! I fuckin' hate Fred Durst with his pussy-ass wannabe rapper/singer peresona and their fuckin' turntabels and their gay-ass voices!!!
LB Fan after listening to Slayer/Manowar: GODDAMN Slayer!! How the fuckin' hell can people say that this crap is better than Limp Bizkit!! All that these faggots do is scream and play their guitars hella fast!! This gay-ass shit fuckin' blows!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
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A rap metal band, characterized by the fact that they named themselves after a male masturbation game.
Fred Durst: hey, lets wank over a biscuit!
Rest of band: sounds fun!
Fred Durst: yay, i get to eat it. from this day onwards we will be known as limp biscuit!
Rest of band: Limp Bizkit!
by adadadadadadhim January 27, 2007
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A game where a group of guys jack off in a circle, where a cookie is placed in the middle. The last guy to cum on the cookie, must eat the cookie with all the cum on it.
haha, joe you came last, so eat the limp bizkit!
by nicole January 11, 2004
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a soft penis (opposite of boner)which is almost impossible to have sex with.
He looked at a fat guy and got a limp bizkit
by TheChris5 October 26, 2008
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li-mp biz-kut: adj.,(n); A sound so awful, it can make Snoop Dogg stop blazin up the chronic.
I took a Limp Biscuit and there was no toilet paper to wipe the Limp Biscuit from my KORN hole.
by nismoinside October 5, 2003
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A band characterized by moronic lyrics with many mentions of the word "fuck" (CuZ Th3y r teh H4Rdc0R3!!!111!!), shitty power riffs played over and over, and inane "beats" added in. Their lead "singer" Fred Durst either "raps" in a whiny bitch ass voice or "sings" in monotone. Y'know, when he's trying to be all "serious".
Limp Bizkit song: Move in now move out, hands up now hands down.

Me: What is this? The fuckin' hokey pokey?
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
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