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Me: *stubs toe*
by ShrekIsLiveLaughLove February 19, 2020
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Apr 14 Word of the Day
That moment when you think a bug is crawling on you, and it turns out to be true. LMD

A FML moment. LMD

Pretty much you go, JUST LET ME DIE!

Wish this never happened. LMD
by misspinkyperfectionnnll July 09, 2011
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who needs words when you can just blurt out random noises to get your point across. "AHHHH" is a noise symbolizing being uncomfortable, scared, or sad.
Friend 1; *winks at Emma*
Friend 2 (Emma): AHHHH
by The juicy juice March 17, 2019
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When all other words fail or no other words will work, just yell ahhhh and you will be saved.
Billy: (kiss's John)
John: ....AHHHH
by Oz March 22, 2005
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that feeling you get when you made a compleate and total ass of yourself in pubic
a feeling you get whenu did somethig stupid
by total ass January 28, 2005
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