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Also known as Relm The Bubbly. In the world of Shimlar, she is one of several who take enjoyment from streaking, stealing others clothing, and causing general chaos. She is usually relatively cheerful, and very unpredictable. Her sense of style is... unique.
Relm says: Aaaaah!! I love you! *thwaps with an exploding penguin*

Relm falls into shimlar in her usual outfit of smiley face boxers, matching bra, trenchcoat, big flashy hat, and pink high heels.
by Meh May 07, 2005
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Slang for know, first used by some whore.
"i nkow... wait, shit, i hate that word!"
by meh December 03, 2004
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any Democrat....................................................
fuckyou cocklickaz...........
by meh October 12, 2004
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A "l33t" version of the name "buck"
<Pommy>OMQ BUX0rz!
by Meh April 05, 2003
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A modified term for spiffy or special. Also everyones evil twin is named Skippy.
How are you doing to day? "Just Skippy"
by meh September 05, 2003
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A word to describe something incredibly smart, or in turn, incredibly stupid. Also used in the place of any word such as "cool" or "great". Largely used amoung the student body at FESS. see i love fess
As Chris drives into the curb, Rob yells, "GENIUS!"
Rob and Cynthia are a Genius couple.
by meh August 18, 2003
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frisky; somebody who is gay
person 1: OMG! YOU ARE LOKKY
person 2: :O I SWEAR I AINT! =(
by meh October 18, 2004
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