This replaces omg's g with a q. This is because of the proven existence of Qod, and is applicable when God has no place in a conversation.
OMQ what's going on?!
by Muurn February 12, 2003
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OMQ! Oh My Quiñones! Snapchat not working just ruined my Thanksgiving!!
by MWARD98 November 23, 2012
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"Oh My Quail"
Much like OMG, except it is used among quail lovers.
OMQ, I love your shirt! Is that a quail on it?
by Quail Lover March 16, 2010
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'oh my quorn'
the expression that what has happened is really amazing and unexpected and worthy of quorn
Maddie- i just won the lotter
Dapo- SAME.
vicky- OMQ thats amazing
by QuornGirl June 27, 2010
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Said when something surprises or shocks you. Meaning: Oh my queef.

Substitute for the well-known, OMG.
by whoeversaidthatwaswrong! August 23, 2010
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Oh my Qod, or Quack. The actual meaning is lost, and shrowded in mystery.
OMQ! She's dead Jim!
by Oh-Mi-Qu-aa-d/Qu-ah-ck March 25, 2003
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