* Comes from the English world "me"
* 'e' changed to the 1337 form, '3'
* 'h' is added for the uniqueness, 'm3' will just look dumb.
* Sometimes used as "meh"
<Shinosuke> i r t3h 1337 n00b!
<Shinosuke> ph34r m3h!
by Shinosuke May 10, 2004
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meh / m3h
meh / m3h
by meh March 30, 2003
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meh, i tinks it means "me"
like in ph33r meh = fear me
by Angie October 13, 2003
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Ok M3h._.girl is a tiktoker that posts blueycapsules in 2022
Hey have you seen M3h._.girl890
by M3h._.girl890 June 26, 2022
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