everyone has an evil twin it’s the one person that can hype you up to do crazy shit. You guys have toilet papered an ex’s house and you would do it again. Evil twins are a deadly combo but also the most fun. Find your evil twin.
Omg there’s KK she’s my evil twin 😈
by Maddawggggg7 May 9, 2022
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A common tv formula in which an actor will play his well-known and beloved character AND that character's identical yet opposite evil twin through trick camera shots and the like. But so we don't get confused, the actor will have a goatee when playing the evil twin.
Spock's evil twin looks like a reject fratboy douche with that goatee.
by uh da cheat October 29, 2004
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1. an illegal or nasty counterpart

2. a rouge wi-fi access point that appears legitimate but is actually used to eavesdrop over the internet
If that is an evil twin, I don't want to know what the real thing is like.
by The Return of Light Joker March 28, 2009
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a common formula which combines one person to excite or justify the other person to do krazy fuck shit. these two are a deadly combo, giving off the double trouble energy.
by _gotothemooniyana_ June 30, 2022
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You can never tell which is which but there’s always in your business. One is silently judging you while the other I plotting how to spread the next rumor. At the end of the day they don’t realize no one is their friend but still shit talks their “besties”.
Abby and her evil twin said I have an std.

Olivia cried with her evil twin about someone calling her ass flat.

The Evil twins sent around my nudes.
by Momtits October 25, 2022
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We be on it. Mess with one you get both. Scared our home. And made pee pants.
The evil twins only have one papa.
by Broken record May 11, 2022
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Often referred to as "Evil Bri'ish Twin" or "Suck on it, you fat twat!" (both said is equally evil British accents), the Evil British Twin will break into your home and piss on your furniture. They probably wear a tight white/blue uniform outfit, and have really stupid, poofy hair. They are annoyingly good at everything and initially come off as charming, but don't be fooled! The Evil British Twin is, in fact, evil.
"Hello, good friend of mine who would never hurt me in any way."
"Piss off! Suck ya mum, you piece of lard!"
"Why are you saying such mean things?"
"Oh, sorry, I'm going through my Evil British Twin arc."
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