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The act of performing oral sex on a stinky or otherwise unclean vagina. The phrase gets its name from the rather oniony smell that used and unclean vaginas carry.
Bro 1: Man, I had an onion sandwich today.

Bro 2: Yeah I can smell you from here. Tell Monica to wash her snatch.
by Mega Hemroids August 16, 2019
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A three bean salad is when a male goes down on three women at once. Not to be confused with a poutine pounder (which refers to the same but with the eating of anus) or the taco casserole (which involves a woman going down on three women at once).
I had the best time of my life last night. I had a three bean salad with my wife and her sisters.
by Mega Hemroids May 30, 2022
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Mixed Rice is an attractive woman who is crossed between at least two unlikely ethnicities of rice eating origin. (This strictly excludes America, Canada and the British isles,) Often as bizarre as they are beautiful, 2022’s most popular breeds are Vietnamese/Mexican and South Korean/Greek.
Charlene Nguyen Ramos is one fine ass mixed rice.
by Mega Hemroids March 7, 2022
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Detroit heat is the act of tongue punching your partners fart box while they are experiencing particularly hot and steamy gas, usually brought on by Detroit style Coney Dogs.
After the coney eating contest I tried Detroit heat on Allison.....I burned my mouth so bad I had to use orajel and preparation H on my tongue.
by Mega Hemroids November 9, 2015
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The act of ejaculating in a particularly dark anus, generally stained with crusted feces. While the anal color may vary, the act is most often associated with a deep chocolate colored butthole.

Anal Creampie

Nutter Butter
Bro 1: Dude, I blew the hugest nut in Tiffany’s asshole this morning. I swear she never wipes her ass when she shits!

Bro 2: You gave your girl a Boston Cream Pie? Go clean the shit outta your dick hole. Nasty mother fucker.
by Mega Hemroids November 5, 2020
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The act of two males (and in some cases a third female) performing oral to anal sex on each other while dangling down from a supportive structure. Often found on a regular playground jungle gym, one partner will suspend from the monkey bars, exposing their anus at face level for the other partner to orally stimulate.
Eddy said he saw Taylor giving Mike a Utah Jungle Gym when he drove by the school last night!
by Mega Hemroids May 8, 2020
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