Crazy laid back bastards that is pretty darn awsome. Unlike Japanese sons of bitches South Koreans actually have a life rather than staying home and making perverted anime porn. Also unlike North Koreans they dont go all kamikaze and blow up shits with nuclear bombs. They also have big cocks as large as a black man. They are the biggest and more built than other asians. They have kickass SWAT teams and crazy special force units. They have hot female celebrities such as Chae Yeon, Lee Hyori, and more, i personally would give anything to bang them both... ANYWAY South Koreans can get hot ass chicks with not much problem and still make kick ass cellphones like LG, and Samsung. South Koreans are awesome in football,soccer,baseball,martial arts, and some in lacrosse.
Goshdammit that South Korean just gave my slutty girlfriend an orgasm using a motherfuckin cellphone... wtf
by imkickass May 25, 2008
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South Korean is popular for there food and there music such as kpop.They are a beautiful country.
Bts:Annyeongsaehyo We are Bangtan Sonyeondan!
Non kpop-fans:OMG SHUT UP
South Korean people:WASSUP I AM SOUTH KOREAN!!!
by Jeonkookie1736739288 January 17, 2019
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Going without, or with sparse, food, water and sleep for several days on end, probably behind a computer and possibly trying to finish a game or a Photoshop work.

A reference to the South Korean teenager(s) who die after playing video games for days on end.
I went South-Korean to finish that Photoshop.
by Dr. Sulaiman al-Fahim May 4, 2009
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when you put rice, chow mein, and other asian spices and sauces in a vagina. Fuck her to mix it all up, then eat it as it falls out of her
by ronnie mac April 27, 2014
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a South Korean prostitute of wide stature dressed in all blue resembling a water bottle
Damn I'm so horny, I'm gonna call a South Korean Water Bottle!
by PapiGrandeYo November 24, 2016
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The South Korean Hog-Tied Hoedown was a punishment used by the US army during nam to punish foul mouthed soldiers. The punishment involved hog-tying the victim and forcing them to drink 5lbs of South Korean hooker ejaculate while getting anally raped by every commanding officer. This punishment was designed to make the victims mouth and soul as dirty as the words they were using. Most people who have gone through this have never spoken again
Hey Jerry, why has Chris been so silent lately ? Oh, that's because the corporal gave him a South Korean Hogtied Hoedown, he hasn't been the same since.
by Forest_Hump6969 June 22, 2017
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