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The equivalent of Swamp Ass on your balls. In other words, it's when your junk is really sweaty.
Dave: Dude, there is a battle going on.

Tony: What?
Dave: Bro, it's Nutter Butter vs. Swamp Ass over the Taint Dome.
by Trombone73 July 02, 2016
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when two homos shave their balls, each take a pat of "Land o' Lakes" butter, melt em down then smear it on their balls, then rub balls with each other.
"Yo I thought Nathan and Jimmy were two straight up dimoldenburgs until I walked in on them doin a nutterbutter...
by cMoney grip January 22, 2009
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A sexual method, where the male ejaculates in the females anus, in which the female pushes it out along with solid waste. The 'Nutter' means "bust a nut", and 'Butter' is the product of the faeces, and semen mixing together.
person1: "dude, it was so hot, i gave her the hottest Nutter Butter.
person2: " that sounds awesome, what colour was it?"
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by Diktugnutz February 15, 2017
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A sexual act. Getting your nuts licked after you coat them in warm melted butter and roll them in brown sugar.
I'll give that bitch a nutterbutter, bitches love nutterbutters
by LilMs303 October 28, 2015
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Mistakingly thought of as a delectible cookie, it is actually the nasty goop aquired beneath a man's penis and between his nut sack.
Randy scraped off his nutterbutter and spread it upon a piece of bread for his unsuspecting bitch mom to eat.
by cuntpunter69 February 22, 2008
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1) A nickname given to only the extremely intellegent, sexy, cool, and person that is better than you
2) A compliment.
3) A cookie.
1) Yo Nutter Butter! Lure that hot girl over here, then figure out string theory.
2) He's so suave, what a Nutter Butter.
3) Mmm, I LOVE Nutter Butters.
by Urban Dictionary May 21, 2005
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When you reach and grab the sweat off the space between your ballsack and asshole then slap someone in the face.
Vargas got me mad so I hit him with a nutter butter.
by Andrew Montemayor September 19, 2007
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