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A person who spends countless hours on the Internet downloading illegal content such as music and movies only to never watch or listen to it.
John: Have you watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls?

Ray: I've never seen a single episode.

John: Then why did you download 15 gigs of shows?

Ray: I figured someone might want to watch them some day.

John: Dude you're such as Blue Balled ePirate.

Ray: Want to listen to some C&C Music Factory?
by McDoh! February 13, 2010

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The boner that the weatherman gets from interrupting your regularly schedule television schedule to show you Doppler Radar Images of trailer parks being relocated.
Travis: Damn it! Channel 4 just cut away from the A-TEAM rerun to show that Trailer Park in Lake Arrowhead getting blown to bits on Doppler.

Barclay: No wonder that weatherman has a raging Doppler Boner...
by McDoh! June 28, 2009

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The theory that no matter what you Google Image Search, the search will always return at least one naked person.
Travis: Why did John get fired?

Nick: He Google Image Searched "Thai Spicy Chicken" and it returned a bunch of pictures of women pleasing chickens.

Travis: Goo-doh!
by McDoh! June 11, 2009

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The art of pretending you're still work when you're not.
John: When is Steve due back?
Travis: Tomorrow, why?

John: But his coffee cup is still warm and his jacket is still there.

Travis: Thats just good still-around-aflage. It comes from years of being a software developer.
by McDoh! June 01, 2009

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Writing Software in your Production Environment where a mistake can end career(s) and possibly lives.
Ken: John, we don't have a development environment to write code in.

John: Can we safely do it in Production?

Ken: Not a chance in hell

John: Sounds like we have some hot bareback coding ahead of us!
by mcdoh! March 03, 2011

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A person who Blind Carbon Copies Management so that when they read the email, he/she comes out looking like a hero and you look like an ass.
Travis: So why did you get transferred to HQ?

John: That Bcc-iotch deleted my other emails from the chain and sent the one where I told him how I felt about the situation to management.

Travis: What a bcc-iotch!
by McDoh! June 01, 2009

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A form of "Redneck Homesteading". The act of putting your trailer up on (stolen) cinder blocks to "plant roots" in the trailer park of your dreams.
Harold: So Rick, you all settled at your new place?

Rick: Yep, we went wheelz up this past weekend over by that septic drainage field I told you we could tap into.

Harold: Well there's one less lake I'll be fishing in...

Rick: HAHAHAHA....Yup...I reckon we won't be eatin outta there again....
by McDoh! November 30, 2009

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