"Rory Gilmore, you should be ashamed of yourself, toying with these boys like this. They used to have pride. They used to have dignity. They used to have balls. Damn it, Gilmore! Give them back their balls!"- Gilmore Girls, season 5
by me idk March 1, 2021
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A dramedy on the WB about a mother and daughter who are bestfriends.

Lorelai had Rory when she was 16, she moved away from her parents and raised her all by herself until Rory got accepted to a prestigous prep school and had to ask her parents for the tution money. They made a deal that both her and Rory would attentd Friday night Dinner in exchange for the tution money.

This show has a quick pace and you gotta listen carefully or you'll miss about 27 pop culture references made in each conversation Lorelai & Rory have.
LORELAI: Oh, hi. You really like my table don't you?
JOEY: I was just, uh --
LORELAI: Getting to know my daughter.
JOEY: Your --
RORY: Are you my new daddy?
JOEY: Wow. You do not look old enough to have a daughter. No, I mean it. And you do not look like a daughter.
LORELAI: That's possibly very sweet of you Joey. Thanks.
JOEY: So...daughter. You know, I am traveling with a friend.
LORELAI: She's sixteen.
JOEY: Bye.
by Rory&Logan=Hot November 9, 2004
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The best show in thw world. If you like sarcasam and witt it is for you.
This room would make liberache say " step back nobody is THAT gay"~Infamous gilmore girls line
by Tres C. October 29, 2006
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Two very fuckable females who just happen to be mother and daughter.
I met these mad gilmore girls last week; I was doing the mom in the ass and the daughter took an atom from me.
by The Realest Jesus January 30, 2009
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A fast talkin' contest, whoever can talk the fastest wins. This talkin' contest is put on TV occasionaly. The two most popular competitors are Loralai and Rory, known for their ability to not only talk fast but to put together actual conversations where they attempt to be funny.
On your mark...
Get set...

Rory - "So is this party Grandma's having gonna be a big deal?"
Loralai - "Not really. The government will close that day. Flags will fly at half-mast. Barbara Streisand will give her last concert…again. Now, the Pope has other plans, but he's trying to get out of them. However, Elvis AND Jim Morrison are coming and they're bringing chips!"

by Robo-Bro October 8, 2005
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A show about nothing, that isn't funny, also responsible for more suicides in the U.S. each year than clinical depression. Loved and cherished by people born with out brains or a sense of humor. One more horrible show on the WB.
I lent my friend my sisters copy of Gilmore Girls season 1 as a joke and found his corpse with his wrist's spewing blood the next day.
by Payton Marshall November 10, 2008
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"Special? Like eat the paste special?"


I have fulfilled my whacking quoata for the week.
by ahhhhh March 18, 2005
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