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device used to transport hot or cold liquids (coffee, tea, iced water, etc.) from its point of origin to the head of a coworker
Tom: As soon as I got the word out of my mouth, Dianne ran for her coffee cup.

Greg: Was is coffee or tea this time?

Tom: She poured a little bit of both.
by 11ryet August 02, 2009
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"What's that? It says coffee? Thats pretty presumptuous of that cup to think it's only ever gonna have coffee in there." -Tobuscus
"Pfft. Silly coffee cup." -Me
by Fambuscus October 18, 2011
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(c) or copyright

Originated from an instant messaging program that automatically converts "(c)" into an emoticon of a coffee cup. Due to the often jovial nature of instant message correspondence, coffeecup has become a suitably humorous substitute for its more accurate synonym: copyright.
Andrea: i'm window surfing for new cameras right now. it's kind of depressing and i think i'll stop. i really want a new one though.
Liz: you just put me in touch with the modern age by saying "window surfing"
Andrea: coffeecup andrea 2007!!!
Liz: NICe
Andrea: i should add that to and then add an entry for coffeecup
Liz: ha!!
by Andrea Bolton June 16, 2007
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A slang term on the streets for a females vagina.
Dude, check it out. that girls coffee cup is so visible right now.
by BlackKidd July 15, 2008
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