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breathing really deep really fast, normally caused by stress or anxiety
breath slower, you're hyperventilating

omg its max! am i hyperventilating?

shit i didnt finish my science project!!
calm down, your hyperventilating
by arooooooooooo January 09, 2009
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You breathe without thinking because your body does it for you automatically. But things can change your breathing pattern and make you feel short of breath, anxious, or ready to faint. When this happens, it’s called hyperventilation, or overbreathing.

That’s when you inhale much deeper and take much faster breaths than normal. This deep, quick breathing can change what’s in your blood. Normally, you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. But when you hyperventilate, the carbon dioxide levels in your bloodstream drop too low. You’ll notice it right away because you’ll start to feel sick.
hyperventilating is not fun!
by ,...., ....... August 31, 2019
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