A British television channel that launched in 1982. It mostly shows Countdown, Hollyoaks, Formula 1 and edited repeats of The Simpsons.
It’s 6:00. Time to watch the news
No thanks, I want to watch Channel 4. The Simpsons is on.
FFS, watch it on Sky 1 in 30 minutes
But this episode hasn’t been shown on C4
by AS2121 November 28, 2017
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One of Britain's most popular channels. Mostly features game shows and horse racing. Still better than American TV.
Albert: Darling, turn on the tele to Channel 4. Countdown's on!

Margerie: Ooh, I hope that Baxter lad gets the boot! Bloody know-it-all.

Teenage spiked Mohawk grandson: *sigh*
by dj dustman October 3, 2015
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