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A wedgie that is pulled over the head, thus creating pain in the balls and anal swelling, sometimes bleeding. An adminesterer of the atomic wedgie needs strength, arms or legs (to pull up underwear), eyes (to see where the underwear is), a sense of humor, and life. Victim of said wedgie only needs underwear on, a buttcrack, and a head. It is more enjoyable to the admineresterer, however, if the victim has life, the ability to scream, cry, wet pants, and not be strong at all.
Victim: (Underwear stretched out about 3 feet) "Mommy! Mommy! At school there were these big kids that gave me an atomic wedgie! They picked me up and I cried and they grabbed my undies and they dropped me and I dangled from 'em and they stetched 'em over my head and taped the elastic to my chin and I ran and hit a wall and cried and then they picked me up and tore a hole in my undies and hung me from the wall by it and they laughed and I pee-peed in my pants really hard and it hit one of 'em in the face and they got me off the wall and held me down and kicked me between the legs and I cried!!!
Victims Mom: "Now, you're old enough to fight your own battles, sweety!"
by Mbleh October 08, 2007

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A little clay guy from SNL that gets owned by Sluggo and Mr. Hands.
(Sluggo tears off Mr. Bill's head)
Mr. Bill's head: "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
by Mbleh October 16, 2007

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A very stupid thing which demented sadists write for their own amusement. Appears in the form of an email, "real" letter, or Youtube comment. Usually goes something like this:

Ef u dn't snd this lettr to 20 mor pple then you'r (mom will die/ balls will be cut off/ you will turn gay) at mdnite tonite LOL ROFL!!!!!

Only horribly stupid people follow these, while intelligent people ignore them. Really intelligent people track down the people who right the letters and kill these people with a lawnmower and a pogo stick.
Stupid person: "Oh no's! I just read a chain letter in me email and if me doesn't copy it an' send it to twenty other extremely stupid people, then my mommy will go bye-bye!"
Smart person: "You are a very stupid person."
Stupid person: (Glues foot to forehead) "What?"
by Mbleh July 10, 2008

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A TV show for children. But be forwarned because, title misleading, this show is NOT about fat people that can move objects with their minds. Instead of that fantastic idea for a show, the truth is that it's about four dome-dwelling anthropomorphic creatures that look like the unholy offspring of human, monkey, and felt. These horrendous characters bare the names of "Tinky-Winky", "Dipsy", "Laa-Laa", and "Po" (upon investigation, it has been found that Tinky-Winky is in fact homosexual. This was discovered by the fact that he carries a purse and has an upside-down triangle atop an antenna on his head). The show is about the immature adventures they have as a probable after-effect of the various psychedellic drugs they have, no doubt, ingested. They play in a grassy land where it is always spring, whilst narration is spoken in the background. The thing that freaks me out most is the sun. What's so freaky about a sun, you ask? Well for starters, the sun is nothing more than a yellow, projected baby's face. It's true. Need I say more? Probably, so I'll tell you this: if you ever feel the urge to watch this show, see a psychiatrist. If you're a child and you have an urge to watch Teletubbies, go ahead, it might be educational. On the other hand, it WAS created likely by speed addicts. Oh well.
Guy: "Hey, wanna watch Teletubbies?"
Guy2: "No way. That shit's for kids."
Guy: "Oh. Well lets get high and watch Speed Racer!"
Guy2: "Kay"
(Later that night the Teletubbies broke into their house and killed them, and no one cared because everyone knows Teletubbies is the ONLY show to watch while high!)
by Mbleh October 06, 2007

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A usually sarcastic and insulting comment, devised to burn someone's emotions. Brilliant burns are something anyone around, other than the wimpy victim, should appreciate. If you give one of these ingenius burns, someone around surely will utter, "Oh BURN!!". One must never say these words if they are administering the burn. This sucks most of the burning potential out of it, and, since no one else says "Oh BURN!!", it makes the victim think that only the burner agrees with the comment, giving little to no burned emotion, which makes a burn with the burner saying "burn" not a true burn. Also, when burning, it is best not to actually start the burn, that is, a burn is more painful if the victim says something normal and the burner makes a burning comment, or addition to what the victim said, thus burning the victim. So never say the beginning to what makes a burn; you'll just sound stupid. So good luck, be quick, don't say "burn" if you're burning someone, and don't say the starting words to a burn. Now go out and burn somebody!
Stupid Guy: "Huh! Hey-hey! Yer momma's fat an' UGLY! OH YEAH!! BURN!!!!!"

Victim: "Wow. Your house is really small."
Intelligent Person: "Yeah, there's just enough room in there for me and yo' momma!"
Guy: "OH BURN!!"
by Mbleh November 04, 2007

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The fat, glasses-wearing guy from Office Space that loves his red Swingline stapler. Often mumbles, has his desk forcibly moved, and threatens the building.
Milton: "If, if they take my stapler, I'm, I'm just gonna set the building on fire."

Milton: "I, I believe you have my stapler."
by Mbleh October 12, 2007

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The gayest word of all time. Gay-speak for "great", or so I've heard.
Gay: "Omagod I just saw the sweetest little pair of pink shoes!"
Gay2: "Fabulous!!"
by Mbleh October 16, 2007

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