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A troll without sense of any morals who will torment anyone to their death. Lacks sympathy, love, or honor.
There are many trolls in the world, but only a select handful will deteriorate long enough to become an ogre.
by Douchebag82 October 30, 2011
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1) Mythological humanoid creature. Orginated from the old English kingdom of Cornwall. Orginally said to be the size of a large man and fed off human flesh, but now taken to be some kind of small giant

2) A vindictive individual, an unreasonable person.
My boss is such an ogre, he made me ork late three times last week and refuses to pay overtime.
by black flag May 31, 2004
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a jock-sniffing, athletic has-been manchild; one that grows pubic hair in kindergarden; inhabits large, smelly basements playing video games for weeks upon weeks; dislikes beavers and sedas; has a fetish for all things named Sven; humps all things that have legs, including dogs.
Look at that ogre! He just put peanut butter on his balls so his dog could give him felatio!
by Anna S. Taqueria November 09, 2005
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Someone who trolls beyond comprehension aka needs a life
"Stop trolling". "What is a troll?", "OMG! You are such an ogre!"
Trolls live under the bridge, Ogres live under trolls.
I read 4chan all day and fall into traps on purpose
by WhatDaPho? October 03, 2010
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(adj.) A person who seems ill-natured or intimidating in appearance, but who is, in actuality, submissive and good-natured; A socially impaired, but kind person.

related to, but not to be confused with wiener.
Sally: "Oh, Mark helped me with my luggage! I didn't think he was so nice."
Joe: "What an ogre."
by Ogres March 30, 2013
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1) The gigantic man-like creatures that roam the Ft. Davis mountains; known mostly for their excessive brutality and enormous stature, they are also known for traveling to Pecos and defecating on parked cars in the highschool parking lot
Fuck dude an ogre shat in my truck bed!
by incipitsathanas October 22, 2008
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