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A movie that somehow manages to be one of the worst and one of the best movies of all time.
by anonymous March 09, 2005
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some movie that poeple either love or hate straight out normally not really liking it or hating it at the same time, also its funny because the guy is completely serious
Napolean Dynamite: this your bike?

Pedro: yeah

Napolean Dynamite: u take it on sweet jumps?
(Napolean tries to take it on a sweet jump but utterly fails... POWNED!!!)
by transplants rock!! March 01, 2008
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an awesome movie with no real plot line that is made good by the awesomely funny lines that everyone keeps repeating.
Napolean: I see you're drinking 1% is that because you think you're fat, cuz you're not , you couold be drinking whole if you wanted to
by cutelittleangul February 22, 2005
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A really good movie. You either love it or hate it. Though kind of killed by poseurs running around with "Vote for pedro" shirts.
Would be a better movie with out the poseurs.
by JennQ June 08, 2005
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An indie movie. You either love it or hate it. Quoted constantly by fifth and sixth graders running around with "VOTE FOR PEDRO" t-shirts. Has absolutely no plot or storyline and the characters are basically white trash and really stupid...but it sticks in your mind!!! its sooo stupid that it's kind of funny. anyway, see it because even if you hate it, it's better to have seen it cuz people won't stare at you like ur some idiot. I still don't get why its so popular!!! it makes no sense...but w/e its still okay. on a scale of 1-10, its a 4 imo
some quotes from Napolean Dynamite...

"TINA! Go eat some ham!"
"Do the chickens have large talons?"
"Whatever I feel like doing. GOSH!!!"
by ReDsOxBaBe October 02, 2005
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the best flippin movie ever made...gosh...what do you think?
hey napolean what did you do last summer....
i was hunting wolverines with my uncle in alaska..god...what do you think?!!1
by roy January 17, 2005
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