A middle aged man stuck in the 80s, he is said to have the greatest football skills of all time, but was held back by his coach. Back in '82 he could throw a pigskin a 1/4 mile.
How much you wanna make a bet Uncle Rico can throw a football over dem mountains.
by tub o' beer January 28, 2005
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Any one being who becomes a free-loading, life-ruining, football-throwing, tupperware-selling, time-machine-buying, bust-must-plus-vending, steak-eating Bodaggit.
Grandma called, you are being such an Uncle Rico.
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 30, 2005
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A person who loves living in the past. The persons constantly talking about a sport they used to play and brag about how they were the greatest at it and that they could have been the best at it if they would of overcame a certain obstacle (Like breaking a bone or that they were held back by someone etc.) It's also a reference to Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite
Brad: Man I could have been a top NFL prospect if I would have worked on my game more back in the day
Tim: Dude shut up you're being such an UNCLE RICO
by I'm just here January 20, 2019
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Uncle Rico Syndrome or URS is when a person frequently refers to the "Glory days" or an earlier time when there life was better and/or different.
Origin - "Uncle Rico" a character from the film Napoleon Dynamite was obsessed with time travel so that he could return to 1984 when he was a star quarterback and play for his high school football team.

- The TV character "Al Bundy" suffers from Uncle Rico Syndrome; as he constantly reminisced about the "big football game" and how if he had done one thing differently he would have gone pro instead of marrying Peg.

- "Those girls totally have URS (Uncle Rico Syndrome), they keep talking about how their high school locker was always such a mess, which was 17 years ago."
by ak209 April 12, 2010
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Looking longingly back to your past glory days in hopes that the constant reminiscing will somehow change the outcome of that fateful day
Quit uncle rico-ing that competition; we didn't place and there's nothing we can do about it now!
by KOGF March 9, 2005
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