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A giant of the automobile industry. Known for producing cars that will most likely survive the apocalypse. Parent company of lexus and scion. Once known for producing sporty and relatively inexpensive cars like the celica, celica Supra, MR2, Supra, and Sport 800, Nowadays, they are tacky, bland, and uninspiring wads of dollar-store plastic lined with tinfoil. Lexus carries out the designs for luxury sports cars (IS350, LFA, Aristo/gs300,) Think of Lexus as the brain, toyota as the chest, and scion as the ass.
Jake: What makes Nicki Minaj identical to a toyota corolla?

Mike: No clue

Jake: they both have more plastic in them than a Wal-Mart toy aisle!
by ClAsshole April 23, 2013
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The car thats always moving forward.... Always
no matter how hard you slam on your brakes your Toyota won't stop
by andy 3 February 19, 2010
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The last thing you will see on your rear-view mirror before you get hit by one.
Jimmy: Dude I just bought a Corolla!
Bob: No way! Awesome!
*2 weeks later*
CNN: Toyota recall total exceeds 5.3 million
by I LURVE MUDKIPS March 18, 2010
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Toyota ...

Frequently found clogging most highways in California, and most suburban US hellholes, in that way they are kind of like Zebra Mussels.

The car your dad buys because "that guy you know" owns one.

That annoying little car blocking the center lane rolling 55mph in a 70 ... because 60mpg is just not good enough.

Older Toyotas can be recognized by the motor and frame rolling down the road without the body.

A car no one will ever write songs about.
Q: "Hey have you checked out the newest Toyota?"

A: "Yeah, it was my Taxi on the way here."
by Zentrucker May 11, 2014
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Car that never stops even when you press hard on the brakes.
Im trying to stop this bitch but its moving foward right into that tree,BAM BITCH TOYOTA LAUCE
by Dizzle1991 February 02, 2010
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Yet another Japanese car manufacturer. Known by ricers as God for creating the Toyota Supra. Had the movie, Fast and Furious not come out, none of these ignorant ricer kids would know shit about the Supra.
Bob: Dale, did you know Toyota is going to be in NASCAR next year?

Dale: ....

Bob: Dale?
by Bitchin Kitchen May 18, 2003
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