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Typical Rockhurst Douche Bag. Describes an asshole who thinks he is better than everyone else. Usually seen with a backwards hat, a popped collar and his varsity letterman jacket. Usually a jock you just goes to the school to play sports and is not really Catholic.
1.(TRD)- Hey you kids from North, get the fuck out of here this is a Rockhurst party only.
2. I'm sick of that guy's shit. Lets go knife that TRD's cunt ass.
by Nick C. W. April 20, 2008
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TRD stands for ' the real deal'
Ever spend any time in So-Cal--The Real Deal-- this is a term you need to know--not just for text, it's really used in everyday speech- Q: " did you see that chicks rack?" A: "Yup TRD!"
by dagodog November 04, 2009
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