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a person who has two jobs and is considered an expert in both fields. By day he is an attorney and his job at night is at Starbucks.
Overheard at Chinese restaurant Wonton & Wilfu, NYC.
"If you´re really planning to sue the Koffee Bin, Inc.
you need an expert. I know a great bar-rister.
by Mayuura November 10, 2007

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any ritual that becomes oppressive - where you have to be present or else...
Thanksgiving time - another bitchual with the in-laws.
by Mayuura November 08, 2007

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An encyclopedia where one can look up crimes and profiles of people who have committed heinous acts.
I'm not familiar with serial murderers but google Wickedpedia...you're sure to find a complete list of all kinds of crimes with explicit details like who, what, when, why and how.
by Mayuura September 06, 2014

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You have been downsized and down trodden because the wiggly jigglies you have been making are now outsourced to China.
Hey Joe, how come, you in Starbucks at this hour. Cute new barista?

Nah, my company was heijinged. Our wiggly jigglies are now made in China!
by Mayuura November 08, 2007

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A Republican who drops his party to join another. When he repents he rejoins the Republican Party and thus becomes a Born Again Repubican.
You know, Joe is kinda wishy washy.
Oh yeah, how come?
Well, he was first a Republican, then he joined Save the Killer Whale Party and now he is a Repubican.
Ahhh, I get it.
by Mayuura February 11, 2008

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A blogger whose ranking plummets.
"His blog ranking was among the top 10. What happened -
he´s no. 99 now."

He got blogbusted!
by Mayuura November 08, 2007

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A delirious state of hero worship for Hillary. An unmistakable condition where staunch supporters of Hillary show they would go to any length to prove their faith in her.
Dude: Did ya watch the news last nite?
Simple Simon: You kidding or what...was deep into American
Idol. Wha was so hot anyways?
Dude: The crowds braving the sleet and snow, they
must really love her...they were all hillyrious.
Simple Simon: Her, who?
Dude: The American Idol - Hillary.
by Mayuura February 11, 2008

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