A type of Facebook group, originating at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, in which people post things (stupid, embarrassing, or sexual) that they have "overheard" on school/campus grounds.

Groups include titles like "Overheard at Fanshawe College" etc.
Guy 1: Man I've been saying stupid shit all day so that I could get on overheard.

Guy 2: Shut up. You're annoying.
by beebsington April 24, 2010
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An utterance that is so stupid, funny, or ironic that it epitomizes life in New York City and deserves submission to Overheard in New York.
You're in a Brooklyn diner and hear a kid reading the want ads exclaim, "Hey this company wants a biotch!" His friend looks at it and says, "That says biotech, you dumbass." You've got an overheard and you need to share it with the rest of the world.
by iiams August 28, 2005
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A way to innocently say you were eavesdropping.
*Person 3 eavesdropping*
Person 1 talking to Person 2: I heard she likes Tom.
Person 3: *butting into conversation* TOM?
Person 2: Stop eavesdropping on us!
Person 3: Oh, no, I just... uh... overheard you. Yep.
by There'sACleaverInYourHead January 22, 2016
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Often found in pages in women's magazines. These pages are filled with quotes or small conversations said by men to other men, partners or simply friends. The main purpose is to entertain the reader as it shows men in an unintelligent light. The readers 'overhear' the speech then send it in. The magazine then judges if it is worthy of print.
Men Overheard Taken From A Magazine.
Man 1- "mate the electricity went off just as I'd put my wheetabix in the microwave"
Man 2- "Dude, you have them warm?"
Man 1- "Dude, you have yours cold?!"
by Chrisdaemu February 7, 2010
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A non-creepy way of bringing up something you read on Facebook, usually about a conversation not involving you
"I overheard on Facebook that Sam is going to that party on Friday"
"OMG you stalker!"
by synthetic42 July 17, 2009
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A facebook organization that exists for the amusement of people who attend North Dakota State University. When someone hears or sees something "hilarious" happen on campus it often times makes it to this group. It is used both to convey hilarity and to win contests, it has in the past been used to mobilize enough of the campus to win free movie screeners.
after facebook dot com


by Twentysx February 15, 2012
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