a slang for florida. usually consiting of florida's hotspots (i.e. miami and key west).
Andrew: Dude Georgia has the hottest women.
Oreva: Dude what the hell are you smoking? Have you been to the flo?
by Oreva A December 26, 2005
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a female who's got the hookup by virtue of your relationship with her
1:Got my flo-flo in the cafeteria breakin' me off wit' half-price slices.

2: Can I get hooked-up too?

1: Hell yeah.
by lubenso79 December 12, 2005
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She's a girl who's witty and smart. Never fails to make others laugh, very caring but doesn't show. She will be a long time friend, that will never stab you in the back. Smart, intelligent , she's beyond that , and she's beautiful inside and out.
Anyone would want to be with her, and a guy is lucky to have her. Strong woman, keeper of her words. She's full of secrets but at the same time an open book. She can't keep quiet when she sees something wrong.

Overall, any man would want to be with a flo.
I would want me a Flo.
by Flover February 8, 2019
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Flo, a name for a special girl , if any one gets her hands on her don't let her go , I promis she's the most amazing girl you know , don't be afraid to tell her how you feel, stunning eyes Normally green or blue , and her personality is out of this world , humer like no other , any one and every thing will fall in love with her ... if you get a flo don't let go, cause she may be lucky to have you but you are sure lucky to have her,
by Olf skirdneh April 2, 2018
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Flo can be a bit of a Schlampe. Sometimes he worries too much about not important things and values money like it's the only goal in life. He gets bored as easily as 6 year old and is the most impatient person you will ever meet. He is also the best person to judge everyone else with and gossip about other people's businesses. He would also be the greatest millionaire there ever existed, since he can think of the most creative ways to spend shit load of money, like building huge waterslides for penguins. Also he makes the best lists. Everyone who has Flo in their life are extremely lucky, since they will never eat in a bad rated restaurant, watch Batman movies alone or build Lego Tokyo alone for a pet turtle to destroy with Roomba.
Girl: What should I do?
Girl 2: Stop being a dumme Schlampe and just go with (the) Flo.
by Pikkenlikker2 November 12, 2019
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Flo is a nice person who don't love his self but love others he is always there for you when you need him never let you down yea, you can say he is always there for you but you can also say that he will never forget that you was there Flo Is a nice, kind, sweet, loving,and always the person to talk to when you are down
Did you see that kind boy

Yes that was flo
by Keyanagodlock March 9, 2018
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Is a cute and perfect girl with the most beautiful eyes. The nicest girl you could ever meet
Flo is pretty
by I am so damncool December 12, 2016
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