Having or possessing the property of a devilishly handsome Indian-American male.
My boyfriend should start dressing more Kumar.

That guy is so Kumar he's out of my league.
by Jeb February 2, 2005
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To majorly destroy and demolish joy. Telling others what to do.
Stop being such a fuckn kumar.
by hehehe February 19, 2005
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An ape-like beard where a ocean of bugs make their home.
FUck'n shave that kumar.
by LMAO! February 19, 2005
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To throw out people with calm and collected wit. To throw out corruption in 15-20 year periods and let someone nasty who has done perverted things take the blame.
To set up people like the FBI, CIA, and the mafia to kumar them so that hypocrisy can be shown and destroyed over time. So that evil and lies will be destroyed over time.
by rohkumar2 April 27, 2010
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An typical intelligent Indian guy with lots of witty sense of humour and charm . People have this title as it means the son of king .
Kumar is a great guy .
by itscoolboy May 14, 2018
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A name you would use for some random Indian guy.

Similar to calling some random asian guy "Wong" or "Lee"

Most likely used by a racist.
Two racists white guys come out of an AM PM.

-Hey, Kumar ripped me off with these overpriced burritos

-Freaking Kumar!
by S1988 November 13, 2009
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