8 definitions by Mark Williams

Im playing the game runescape right now, and guess what its lagging so im writing this. Lag when everything freezes and you carnt do nothing (often resulting in death). Some players make this up as an excuse for them dieing or being a noob
by Mark Williams June 19, 2005
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seagull spelt incorectly...
look timmy its a seegull
by Mark Williams March 16, 2005
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Like phonesex but geekyer. Using the program skype to talk to one another.
Man I'm so horny I'll go on skype and have me some Skypesex.
by Mark Williams February 27, 2006
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A website that allows the user to define words. Urban dictionay contains hundreds of thousands of words each submited then if accepted rated with thumbs up or down.
person 1: hey you heard of that website Urban dicationary .com
person 2: yeah
person 1: oh...
Person 2: Now i know what a pean is.
Person 1: what the hell is a pean?
Person 3: oooohhh so thats what an emo is, i always thought it was a type of bird.
by Mark Williams February 19, 2006
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Coins (16-1200), Dragon Medium Helmet (extra rare)(?), Rune Chain Mail (extremely rare), Rune 2 Handed Sword (rare), Rune Kite Shield (extremely rare), Rune Square Shield(extremely rare), Rune Legs (extremely rare), Rune Battle Axe, Rune Long Sword, Adamantite Plate Mail, Mithril Axe, Mithril 2H Sword, Mithril Battleaxe, Mithril Kite Shield, Mithril Square Shield, Black Hatchet, Rune Bar (1), Silver Notes (100), Adamantite Bars (1-2), Herbs, Chocolate Cake (1-2), Law Runes (3, 10 Or 30) Death Runes (3 Or 30), Fire Runes (50), Air Runes (50), Blood Runes (15), Half of a Key, Uncut Gems, Herbs, Treasure Trail Clue, 30 Adamantite Javelins (common), Chaos Talisman, Nature Talisman, Rune Knives (2), 16 Adamantite Darts(p), Cut Dragon Stone, Rune Spear, Dragon Spear (rare),and (67) Rune Arrows.
"hey look its a bla....ahahhhhhhh!"
by Mark Williams March 18, 2005
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One Evil mother Fucker. A man who shows no compassion for others.
YO! I'm so hard, I'm Evil Steve!
by Mark Williams May 13, 2003
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bog is sweedish for sex
sweedish man: hey fancy some bog?
random person:Bog? WTF
by Mark Williams May 22, 2005
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