Other than being known as the most popular player in runescape. His name has become a slang term to address someone particularly addicted to something. Usually online gaming.
1) Dude...quit before you become a zezima.
2) What are you trying to do? Become zezima?
3) Look a zezima.
by Hoob12313 November 27, 2007
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Zezima is known throughout and outside the game named "Runescape" for his abilities, skills and his life. Zezima is popular known for being in the top 1# Player of runescape including all his stats as 99. Many people have different views upon this character, some negative, some positive. Zezima could be seen as a 'god' or a role model. Some would say he is a nerd who 'needs to get a life'. However one statement is true, Zezima spends excessive amounts of time playing this game.
Zezima is the #1 player of runescape. There are no close examples.
by Jason the Aussie November 11, 2006
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USED to be the number one player on Runescape... but currently is number 11, at the time of writing. Nonetheless, people still worship, and think that he/she is their 'hero'.
I've heard reports of Zezima being surrounded by hundreds of people while in a bank, and that he/she changes his/her password everyday, and that he/she...
I dunno.
The person's just good at RS, m'kay? No need to worship someone.
Me: If I saw Zezima being followed by hundreds of people like the Falador Massacre, I'd rather log off.
If I saw her in the wildy, i'd go, "WTH, Zezima's not number one!" and log off before she could PK me.

Zezima: *logs off, changes pw, and checks the highscores*
by Siilas December 14, 2006
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A overrated runescape pro, defended by 200,000 Players when insulted. Some say his dad owns Runescape and made him First place, some say he macros.... And some say people have his password? Who knows... -Words from the players.

"zezima is god" "u just mad becuz zezima is pro" "you shouldnt play runescape you noob" "i wish i was zezima" "i wonder wat zezima has in his bank" if you saw zezima what would you say" "zezima isnt an nerd hes just good, unlike you" "if you think zezima is a nerd you should stop playing" "zezima is straight up god" "i have zezimas phone number" ANSWER: you do? what is it, can i have it pleas.

Now you see. (all of the above are real, that i've heard around runescape.)
"I believe Zezima is just there to drive noobs crazy" -uloveme
by JaySoNeD September 30, 2006
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In medical terms, zezima is defined as a predominately hairless growth never found on women.
"be careful, spending too much time on your computer can lead to a bad case of zezima syndrome"
by Hobo_Hank_14 March 30, 2008
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A nerd who plays runescape and has hacked many accounts according to the San Diego Union Tribute newspapers.
Zezima is such a noob who has three jimmy's.
by jimbo jack jimmy April 04, 2009
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(n.) One of (if not the) the best players in the game of RuneScape.
Look, it's Zezima! Let's all follow him in circles shouting his name and see what he does!
by Tyler R. B. April 16, 2008
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