A real gent, very possible a Viking descendent, as you can tell from his masculine, uber hot body. Usually deadly attractive to women but he only has eyes for his wifey. A hilarious man, known to make sarcastic jokes about everything. Has great taste in fashion and music. AKA Mr. Alwaysright, because he is so intelligent. Is nice to everybody. Most wonderful human being on the surface of the planet.
girl 1 "Wow look at that Rune. Best guy ever!"
girl 2 "Ja I wish I have a hubby like Rune."
by loveywifey January 22, 2014
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Outwardly appearing as an incredible handsome and attractive Norwegian man, Rune is however also Keeper of the One Truth, Protector of Good Taste, Bearer of Profound Wisdom, Awesomeness Incarnate and Ayatollah of Rock'n'rolla.
Rune is the best to answer this question, his insight is unsurmountable and he always speaks the truth.

You should ask Rune for advice on architecture and interior design, no one is better than him.

Sound advice? I know of none better than Rune to provide this.

I inadvertently bumped into Rune the other day, he is so hot I suffered third degree burns.
by Runepus October 1, 2013
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A video game that revolves around jumping around with giant axes and slashing heads. with bigass swords. Although this jumping sounds inane and repetitive, it cannot be denied that it is.
I played Rune for about twenty minutes yesterday before collapsing onto the floor, clutching my spasming hand, which has become demented and warped after years of repeated and unceasing rhythmic clicking.
by Albas February 25, 2005
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Rune is an amazing boy to know. He knows when to make you smile or laugh even when you´re not in the best mood. He´s the best, especially if you´re his girlfriend. He won´t give up on you unless you give up on him with true reasons. He won´t let you talk about negative things describing yourself. He loves your personality and is so glad he met you. He loves his wifey.
Me: I love you.

Rune: Well I love you more HAHAH!

Me: Really wow you know what- I love you too.
by HikerGirl12 December 8, 2018
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Runes were used as a magic system by ancient Germanic peoples. They were primarily divinatory but could also be used in active magic. For example: one could could create a simple bindrune of “*Fehu” (ᚠ) and “*Wunjo” (ᚹ) for Wealth and Joy, respectively. Also, runes could be used as a writing system. In England, Anglo-Saxon runes were used until Cnut the Great established the Old English version of the Latin Alphabet. They were used until the 19th Century in Iceland, mainly when carving. The Elder Futhark was the first set of runes to be used and had 24 runes. It evolved into the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Younger Futhark, the former in England and the latter in Scandinavia and Iceland. Younger Futhark evolved into Medieval Runes, which developed into Dalecarlian Runes. Some Heathens or Pagans, myself included, still use them for magical purposes. Usually Elder Futhark is used for this due to being Pre-Christian but any of them work.
Anglo-Saxon Runes for “Ic eom ān wīcing,” which is Old English for “I am a Viking”:
by HeathenMetalhead999 June 30, 2018
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Rune is a kind-hearted ginger with a good taste in fashion. He is very loyal and into the things he loves. He is very good at playing a certain music instrument.
I met a boy, who is a real Rune!
by lovemountain February 25, 2017
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Rune is the most handsome and nicest guy on earth. He will help you wtih everything. He is pretty and a cute guy. Girls will fall for him easily, bc he is so handsome and very nice. Almost every girl will fall for him.
Girl 1: I think i'm falling for Rune.
Girl 2: Me too, he is just so nice and pretty.
by Bhadboy November 25, 2019
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