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Mexican-Spanish slang for semen.
Clean up your mecos, Jose, you left some on the seat again. Damn you.
by Madamasselle March 13, 2004

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A censorship sticker, very much like the Seal of Approval that comic books were made to have well into the 70's. It warns parents of possible material that may be considered obcene without any specific details about what is objectionable.
Perpetrated by a censorship lobby consisting of upper middle class conservative white women, such as Tipper Gor, who felt it necessary to police the music industry for messages that were politically or socially inconsistent with their own. This label dampens sales which in turn hampers musical, lyrical, or artistically creativite material.
At its inception the parental advisory sticker targeted mainly such musicians as Frank Zappa but today the target is hip-hop and rappers along with video game creators
My mom didnt let me but the CD because it had a parental advisory sticker, which she said had it like that because it talked about raping women. But later when I listed to it it just was criticizing American and the LAPD.
by Madamasselle December 17, 2003

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A neologistic vernacular form of American English as it is spoken from the present President of the United States. This can possibly be attributed to a history of rampant and unchecked alcohol and substance abused (marijuana, cocaine) or being dropped on his head at a young age. If American english was spoken in patois this would be it.
See Bushisms,Bush-speak,Bush-talk,Bush-babble.
Misunderestimate, Interpercepted, axis of evil,revisionist historians, suiciders.
by Madamasselle July 15, 2003

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Boogers or snot.
Not to be confused with 'Mecos' which is Mexican Spanish vernacular for semen.
"Eew! Don't eat your mocos, cochino!"
by Madamasselle December 17, 2003

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The act of inserting a thumb into the anus during intercourse. Inspired by the Happy Day's character,Arthur Fonzerelli, who was fond of giving the thumbs up and uttering "Aaaaaaa(nus)."
"We were doing it doggy style when Christian decided to give me a dirty fonzi! I felt so violated!!"
by Madamasselle March 01, 2003

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The mexican equivalent of a redneck.
They are often seen sporting cowboy hats and boots, wearing unbuttoned silk or cotton shirts with wife beaters on underneath and driving a chevy pick-up (Notice the silhouetted female on the mudflaps.) Can't speak english well or at all. Laborers who are often enslaved, I mean, contracted for severely low-paying jobs
by Madamasselle March 01, 2003

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Referring to one or someone else's face
"That g has got an ugly mug."
by Madamasselle March 02, 2003

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