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the act of farting into ones own cupped hand and quickly shoving the stench into an unsuspecting victims nostrils. Must be done quickly so as to not lose farts potency
"I was watching tv and minding my own bidness when Shawn straight shitslapped me!"
by Madamasselle March 01, 2003
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shit slap - when one takes a wad of shit in their hands and then proceeds to slap a person
I shit slapped Tyrone yesterday. He had to wash his face afterwards from the sting and the feces.
by Rohan Patel September 14, 2007
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when you go swimming with a person in an ocean/lake/wavepool. Swim in front of them and take a shit. the wave will carry the shit and slap the person behind you.
You: Goddamn man did you seriously just shit slap me???

he: Well we do have to take advantage of the waves huh?
by danithebanani August 06, 2011
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When a person screws another person over completely and utterly.
“Oh fuck. Jim has taken my credit cards, and last night he hypnotised me and made me reveal all my bank details and PIN numbers. Now he’s drained all the money from all my accounts, bought a Thai bride and a plane and flew to Cuba where he’ll no doubt take over some seedy drug ring and use my hard, earned cash to buy hookers, cocaine and god knows what else. Fuck, I totally got shitflapped.”

“I knew I wouldn’t get the tenner back, Jim is well known for shitflapping.”

"Ben took your girlfriend? Hmmm, shitslap."
by John Delonge April 08, 2006
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A first cousin to the term "Jackson 5'ed', a Shit Slap is when you swipe your fingers through your own ass hole, then bitch slap another individual with your shit covered fingers leaving a rusty tire tread.
Damn Dude, I caught Karl punishing his penis so I shit slapped him until his face looked like a work fecal art.
by Big Bad Bulky Schultz July 10, 2008
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An open hand slap in which the one assaulting has covered said hand with excrement. Usually reserved for conflicts in which one has a great deal of time and not a lot of dignity.
"Did you hear that Bob got Shit Slapped?"

"You mean where someone gets slapped while on the shitter?"

"No. Worse. His girlfriend's ex-boyfriend used their bathroom, and when he was in there he covered his hand in shit. Then, when he came out, he Shit Slapped Bob!"

"Dude. That is some kinda nasty."
by sammysunset April 16, 2009
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